Finished making this dragon yesterday. Took a while to find a stable pose with the weight of the huge wings

@RexMagenta I've seen people use heavier stuffing beans for paw tips to help weigh things appropriately

@wobin There's not a lot of space for stuffing in the feet given the 1/4" wire that's in there to support everything :D

@Jo Yep! 1/4" aluminium armature wire, going right down through the front legs into the feet, and a second length running back along the spine for extra stability

@RexMagenta oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS

(if i may be so impertinent, did you use a pattern and if so can i get a link to it? i have friends who crochet who would go absolutely bonkers yonkers over such a lovely derg)

@wigglytuffitout I did use a pattern, though I bought it via Etsy and the seller is participating in the strike this week. This is the base pattern for when the store is back up, and then there are several add-on patterns from the same seller for some of the ornamentation I used and the extra huge wings:

@RexMagenta ah, wonderful!! tbh i'm sure my friend is happy to wait until the strike is over, it'll be a great listing to tuck away for later. (there is also a high chance they'll tell me "oh my god that's gorgeous! ...i will perhaps be ready for this technical challenge in a few years." LOL) thank you so much!!

@wigglytuffitout @RexMagenta looks like the seller, Crafty intentions, is also in Ravelry, and I want to make everything:

@ejk @wigglytuffitout Amazing! That's the one! Looks like the extra ornamentation and epic wings are also available on Ravelry as well. Good spot!

@RexMagenta Any chance I could commission something like that?

@nomad I'm not in a hurry to make another one, I'm afraid, but I used patterns from an Etsy seller. The base pattern is here:

@RexMagenta Ah well. Please let me know if you ever get the itch again.

@RexMagenta wow! Do you mind I send this to my mom? :catblush: I also want onee! :blobcathearts:

@RexMagenta yaaaay! ❤️ thank you so much! She just asked about that :blobcatgiggle:

@RexMagenta My goodness, that turned out well! So worth all the wing-wrestling!

turned out very nicely, great when you can do it so beautifully.

@RexMagenta Did you put starch or something in the wings? I don't know anything about crochet :blobcatpeekaboo:

@bartholin The front edges have 1/4" wire in them, but the rest is the natural stiffness of the crochet

@RexMagenta ... and I promise I'm not stalking you. Your cat toots were on the local timeline and the amazing dragon was retooted by a friend >.>

@melindrea Haha, no worries. The dragon is so epic it deserves all the attention it's been getting :D

@RexMagenta It really is! I need to get back to my latest crochet project, but I realised after doing 700+ single crochets that I, in fact, had miscounted. So have to redo the entire edge >.<

As you can imagine, I'm currently trying to get energy to Just Do It.

@melindrea Oof, yeah, I know that feeling. I have so many half-finished projects that went wrong somewhere

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