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what is it about being rich that makes people wanna buy the most hideous shit?

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Kenzi and Bo remind all of us that you can absolutely write two women living together with a platonic connection deeper than any romantic one with credibility, and it helps a lot if you do and also one of them is a badass bisexual in a polycule.

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me, an anarchist who believes that social connections should build strong communities that take care of each other

also me, a socially inept introvert who can't form social connections with anyone beyond cats

doom patrol/umbrella academy spoilers 

doom patrol 

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mental health 

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@restioson so a few things

1) first off, applying biology to sociology, the premise of social darwinism, is not scientific at all, any more than saying rocket fuel formula are useful for baking

2) survival of the fittest isn't an especially robust hypothesis and the only reason Darwin emphasized it is arguably because of the financial influence from powerful folk who wanted to use his theories to justify their behavior.

3) almost no contemporary biologists believe in survival of the fittest, and certainly not in the colloquial terms of "fittest" that are meant when most folk say it. fitness, in this sense, simply means "ability to survive" and has nothing to do with physical or mental strength.

4) most research says that biological fitness is derived from a successful application to an environmental niche, and that is achieved through both morpho- and physio-logical specification within an individual but also through the development of social technologies.


that is, pretty much any discussion of "survival of the fittest" that doesn't start with kropotkin's evolutionary theory of mutualism is only being had because of long-dead race scientists.

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Internal combustion engines are the ultimate example of the sunk cost fallacy.

We've invented amazing improvements in gas milage and exhaust handling all in an attempt to save a tech that we've always known to have a limited lifetime because we're really good at building them.

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Choose one thing to do tonight, or tomorrow, to take better care of yourself.

I'm starting by keeping a journal again, and I'm going for a new journal, and a daily update for 90days to give myself an idea of what my current baseline is.

And my new motto is: Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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“If anyone notices what I’m wearing, I feel like I’m doing it wrong.“

— William Gibson

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How many terfs would it take to screw in a lightbulb? 

i'd have finished This Alien Shore by now if all the chapters were from Jamisia's perspective

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For some reason people stopped talking about autonomous zones after the CHAZ was shut down, so most people don’t realize that both George Floyd Square in Minneapolis and the James Talib-Dean Memorial Encampment in Philadelphia are still autonomous 3 months later

They’re also both facing regular threats of invasion and could really use visibility and support. The cops are expecting to be able to clear these places out without anyone else noticing

note to self 

note to self 

Really love the way pronoun usage in Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand mirrors the way gay culture often (especially when the book was written) uses them: everyone's she by default, but if you're attracted to them, they become he.

is anyone a library tech? do you enjoy it?

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Good morning, Shop!

I ran across an aphorism that has shifted my perspective on writing, and eased some of my own personal frustrations. I don’t recall where I saw it.

“Read to learn what kind of writer you want to be. Write to learn what kind of writer your are.”

Can anyone recommend an active science fiction chat room?

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