Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

Finished almost all my food shopping for T-Day. Only need to pick up the turkey tomorrow. Yay!

I have played 345 hours of No Man's Sky.

Today, in retrospect, may turn out to be a good day.

Daily gecko - here is the queen of our Crested Geckos - Isis. She's the boss! (The others are Anubis, Horus the Elder, and Osiris). wandering.shop/media/TuRgDbMVy

So The Phantom of the Opera was wonderful. Derrick Davis (the Phantom) was superb as was Kaitlyn Davis as Christine. The cast was above par. The technical aspects were nearly perfect. What a great show!

Daily gecko: Meet Osiris. He's our youngest Crested Gecko. He's little boy in this photo and is mostly full grown now. wandering.shop/media/R8aNYlKJm

Also son and friends went to see Justice League last night and most of them fell asleep.

Theater and then the Greek Fesitval with the kids today. I think I will take a 2 day break from blogging!

We have a cool artist - Wicked Wall Masks - over at the blog today so I will make an exception re posting blog stuff: qwillery.blogspot.com/2017/11/

Gathered Butterfly Weed (Asclepius tuberosa) seeds today. Will plant indoors in March after a month of cold stratification in the refrigerator. Monarchs love this plant. I want more of these in the garden next year. wandering.shop/media/MFtY2YhYy

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