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Yesterday, some council official decided to remove the traditional cone on this infamous statue in .

Today, duly responded.


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Cemal Kafadar's much awaited work on Ottoman vampires (or, at least, part of it; he still promises a book-length study) is out -- and, guess what, in open access!

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Oliver Dowden’s on his wa-a-a-ay/Oliver Dowden’s going to sa-a-ay/That he would rather be anywhere else than on Today/

Yes, he would rather be anywhere else than on Today.

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For further (genuine!) East German football team names, here's a list that we compiled earlier.

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here is a story for you to stop blaming Ukraine for an upcoming food crisis: my father is a farmer in Lviv region, a Western part of Ukraine near the Polish border. he had a lot of clients abroad and his produce in large amounts was transported by the Black sea. 1/

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I’ve seen some excellent Mick Lynch interviews, but this is remarkable.

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Our expectations for Piers were on the floor but Mick Lynch having to interrupt to tell him that hood from thunderbirds isn’t the most evil man in the world and is in fact a pupped made from vinyl, is another level

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Anyway, if anyone has suggestions for a search engine that doesn’t have this problem, I’d be interested.

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I’m tempted to ask whether this is RICO. (I’m sure it isn’t.)

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Does anyone else have trouble googling stuff during dreams?

Is this tweet about philosophy? (Twitter just asked me this, and I legitimately don't know?)

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When you read your favourite philosopher do they often make you laugh?

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We asked our colleagues at the Library to share equivalents of the word ‘thingamajig’ in other languages. They did not let us down.

How do YOU say it? Let us know.

Thank you (& credit) to @AdamCSharp@twitter.com for inspiring these fun conversations!

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Yes. Criticism needs to be less ‘it’s not effective’ and more ‘it’s not even intended to be effective.’

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I think we'd understand policies like Rwanda better if we saw them as "vice signalling", the cousin of virtue signalling.

Their advocates have no interest in the policies actually working. They just want to be able to say they're being tough. twitter.com/stephenkb/status/1

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I didn’t think they could successfully reintroduce large, semiaquatic rodents of the genus Castor into a north London river. But someone sent me Mike Nesmith from the Monkees’ blurry photo of a female near Tottenham Hale. Then I saw her face, now I’m a Lea beaver.

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No-one cares about the precise legal relationship between these institutions and the EU.

What they care about is the idea of foreigners thinking they are better than us and telling us what to do.

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This is the kind of pointless logic-chopping that people engage in when they try to argue that the Eurovision Song Contest or the European Cup have nothing to do with the EU.

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