Blog post: Progress

Forecastfox icon in my browser is saying it's -1° outside.

[checks settings to see if that's Fahrenheit or Centigrade]

That's -1°F. Holy carp.

Day Job done. Now I have a four day weekend, so tomorrow it's back to writing, one way or another. For now, though, I have choices: Sherlock, or Westworld? Taco Bell or Arby's? Alan Wake or World of Warcraft? These things need answers.

I've been thinking about a story idea I really like but even after three or four weeks of thinking it's still incredibly vague. I have a good idea of the structure and I know the premise (because that's where I started), but I have no characters. I don't even know when and where the story takes place yet. It's infuriating and frustrating, and yet at the same time I still think it's one of the best ideas I've had. I need coffee then I'm off to bang my head against a wall some more.

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Is anyone on here experienced with #Braille? I have a question I need to ask about a handmade gift that I'm commissioning soon for the person I'd usually ask about these things. Preferably looking for someone who uses Braille regularly. Please boost.

No , no blogging, minimal tooting for the next few days... too much housework to be done to get the place decent for Thanksgiving visitors. Normalcy will resume once it's all over, and then I might get some R&R. (I'm technically on vacation this week, but as usual with holidays it's going to be several days' toil. *sigh*)

The short story idea I had earlier has been scribbled in my notebook, safe and sound for when I have time to do something with it. So now it's not rattling around my head. Blog post might or might not happen today; after eleven hours of day job, I'm fair whacked.

Kate and I just watched Split. If McAvoy doesn't get an award for that performance there's no justice.

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Hello. Remember, everybody, you're cool and you can do amazing things. High-five yourself. Forgive yourself. Be awesome to yourself.

okay bye gotta get back to this book

Reply from Wordpress support:

Yep, that would be good. Be aware that for core sharing in WordPress.COM is delivered by the Jetpack - Publicize plugin (already included in all WordPress.COM hosted sites). I guess once Mastodon has gained the popularity of it's counterparts (and it's growing steadily: ) it will be considered for inclusion. I think there are already plugins for the WordPress.ORG hosted sites.

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(Well, except for that one. And this one. Now back to work.)

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Day job is keeping me so swamped today that I'm not getting time to even *look* at any social media - let alone engage. Yeesh.

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Some quick facts about me:
- I am a #writer of #books
- I dispense dubious #writingadvice
- I also dispense #bees out of my faceholes
- donuts filled with stuff or GTFO
- I run the blog #terribleminds
- I killed a man in Reno for his #netflixpassword
- I hear ducks
- I ruined #StarWars
- my latest book features a short treatise on #elkmasturbation
- tonight my 6-year-old said that to escape bad guys he would PEEL OFF HIS SKIN so that he LOOKED HUMAN the he'd EAT THEM holy shit what the fuck

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