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30th word for Khangaþyagon
paldokh: abstract geometrical pattern or decoration.

When Michael Palin gets his knighthood, suppose that, instead of a sword, the Queen pulls out a great big fish…

28th word for Khangaþyagon
raubaum: bellow, noise made by large herbivore
raubaumont: bellowing

The BBC adaptation of "The ABC Murders" takes so many liberties that when they decide to give Poirot a murky past, it comes accross as a Message From Fred.

He's not really Poirot.

My son just said to me, "I know no puzzle games that integrate 3D sound."

I said, "Hmmm…"

Q: Is it Christmas yet?
A.: YES! And it's going to be Christmas for the next 11 days, too!

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