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I've always wanted to quote The Pirates of Penzance to my MP as a protest, and tonight I finally did it.

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It would, however, be easier to create a CV system that can spot when somebody is wearing a mask and flag them for surveillance than one that's robust against adversarial cosmetics.

Well-chosen cosmetics could throw most computer vision systems.

Everyone knows 𝛑 day is on the 3rd day of the 14th month

You took the phrase "phantom limb" literally, didn't you?

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I have a seal, with my monogram on it - see my icon. It's my initials, PJB, fused into a single glyph.

Are you looking for mentions of known characters, or trying to compile a dramatis personae?

Sir Patrick Stewart knitting? But doesn't he make it sew?

"Why have you painted St George in women's clothes?"
"That's what you asked for."
"No, I said paint St George with the dragon."

it rained paper one day
with writing on it
but no one could understand
what it meant

If you use a statically typed language, the compiler may catch some of the mistakes you wouldn't or couldn't have made if you were using Python.

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