Too woke? Nope – Doctor Who is more offensive than ever

Since returning with a female Doctor, the sci-fi smash has been accused of political correctness. But, as recent storylines prove, the truth is far worse

Marie Kondo does not spark joy. If she came to my house, I'd throw her out.

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There is some deep irony buried in the fact that the very first job advertisement to land in my inbox in 2020 explicitly asks for Python 2.7 as a required skill.

31st word for Khangaþyagon
sukoss: finish, complete, conclude
sukossont: completion, conclusion

I'm catsitting my in-laws' kittens at the moment. Hope they're OK.

Lexember 31 - Hissan - relif #Fedran #Hissan #Lexember

On Lexember 31, 2019, I present "relif" as "to celebrate surviving a difficulty."

29th word for iljena
srp: juice, sap or nectar used to sweeten food

Lexember 29 - Hissan - astar #Fedran #Hissan #Lexember

On Lexember 29, 2019, I present "astar" as "to tap the energy of the land for a ritual."

28th word for Khangaþyagon
koþr-: forage
koþront: foraging

Lexember 27 - Hissan - foosga #Fedran #Hissan #Lexember

On Lexember 27, 2019, I present "foosga" as "to tap a land for defensive magic."

Lexember 26 - Hissan - lorkku #Fedran #Hissan #Lexember

On Lexember 26, 2019, I present "lorkku" as "lands that border against another country."

Vlasi words of the day #21 (catch-up):

gwīve (verb, stative): to live, to be alive
za gwīve (verb): to come to life
gwiva (noun): life

#Lexember #conlang

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