Greetings friends, I have a question on #Linguistics. I know we have to have a #linguist on the fediverse.


So English isn't a gendered language... right... but would you say it has gendered nouns? Waitress, Actress...

In addition, is Kingdom a gendered word?

#linguist answers fine but not looking for shitpost/joke answers, pls.

Clarification: the questions are -
* Is English considered a gendered language despite not having most of its nouns have gender as Spanish and French do?

* What is the terminology for gendered nouns in a non-gendered language? I.e., waitress.

* Is Kingdom a gendered word?




@aldersprig English's vestigial gender system applies mainly to pronoun selection
He - masculine
She - feminine
Either - epicene
It - neuter
So "kingdom" is neuter.

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