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Speculative Grammarian needs you!

Twitter / Editors of SpecGram: Hey Linguists! Got a paper...

SpecGram (Editors of SpecGram)

Hey Linguists! Got a paper to write—or many papers to grade—this weekend? Looking for a way to procrastinate? Work… t.co/MFkdMih7YC

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They liked my experience :-)
They liked my ideas :-)
The other candidate was cheaper :-(

Why wasn't Professor Snape in Frozen?

Because he can't let anything go.

What are the most stupid, not-even-wrong, misapplications of machine learning you've seen?

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Unusual ways of calling my family for meals.

What's my favourite epic song called?


FSF and RMS contributed to free and open source software in both good and bad ways. They certainly didn't invent it, and it will go happily on without them, just as it did before they showed up to claim credit for everything and constantly annoy everyone about how important they are. People got sick of it.

Most people say "Open Source", not "Free Software".
Most people say "Linux", not "GNU/Linux".
don't occupy the position of leadership they've always aspired to, which I think is a good thing.

Why do computational linguists drink on an empty stomach?

Because the vodka is good, but the meat is rotten.

We need a new word for "light-hearted, witty conversation", to replace "banter", which now means "offensive remarks thinly disguised as humour".

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Message From Fred in "Wicked".

Towards the end, Elphaba says, "Don't try to rehabilitate me." But isn't that the point of treating the Wicked Witch of the West as a heroine? It's like the writer is subconsciously disowning the premiss of the show.

The following quote from "The Battle of Epping Forest" by seems appropriate.

And you ain't seen nothing like it,
No, you ain't seen nothing like it,
Not since the Civil War.

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