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Pete Bleackley

16th word for Khangaþyagon
þursi: turf

15th word for Khangaþyagon
abr: (vi) melt, thaw
abront: melting, thaw (n)
Subject is a substance.

This is a cross-party issue…
…all the parties are cross about it.

14th word for Khangaþyagon
hotr: (vt) melt, smelt
hotron: melting, smelting
Subject is a person or heat source. Object is a substance.

Q. Is it Christmas yet?
A. Nope. It's only the 13th of December. Christmas isn't until the 25th. That's another 12 days.

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13th word
frakh: (n) charcoal (v) char
frakhon: charcoal-burner, hermit, mystic

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12th word for Khangaþyagon
sagwil: dry, coarse vegetable fibre suitable for rope-making.

11th word for Khangaþyagon
rakus: (n,v) mould, cast
rakusont: moulder

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10th word for Khangaþyagon
gral: stem, tube, pipe