Political parties: Why bribe one MP and risk going to prison when you can bribe 300 and get a knighthood?

How to stop illegal immigration 

Make all immigration legal.

Despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines, many people are putting their trust in a substance associated with the bowels of horses.

Who came up with poached eggs? "I fancy a boiled egg, but what if I crack it first?"

A research paper on quantifying parasites has been described as "lice, damned lice and statistics."


Herd immunity: from the people who brought you herd mentality

Pandemic satire 

Herd immunity: From the people who brought you herd mentality.

Bizarre headline of the day

Suez Canal: T. rex stuck on Ever Given arrives at golf course

Politics, war 

I feel sorry for all those soldiers who went to Afghanistan and risked or even lost their lives for absolutely nothing.

Could a generation ship actually work? It's going to be travelling through interstellar space for tens of millenia. What could power its life support systems for that long?

"Delivery for Mr Moffat. One big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff."
"Really? When did I order that?"
"Next week."

The 60th anniversary is coming up in 2023. So why would a showrunner choose to leave the year before? There's more going on than meets the eye.

A theology student says to a friend, "I'm sure I messed up that paper on eschatology."
"Don't worry, it's not the end of the world."

My recommendations
Showrunner: Jamie Mathieson
The Doctor: Hugo Speer

Doctor Who (+++) 

Cyberkini man is leaving! Hooray!

UK politics 

A good place for Alexander Boorish de Piffle Johnson to self-isolate would be Strangeways.

UK politics 

Sources in Westminster say the Prime Minister is shocked by Matt Hancock's resignation. He expected all his cabinet to be totally shameless.

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