Would flying saucers actually be a good shape for a spaceship?

Anybody ever see the word "Discord" and read it as "Discworld"?

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Always make sure your software is working correctly before you write the unit tests.

I've heard on the news that Mass was being celebrated in Notre Dame when the fire broke out.

I take it that the idiots who want to deny Katie Bourman the due credit for her work don't want to be reminded about Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars.

This is actually a pretty good occasion to block some people making jokes. #NotreDame

When people don't get credit for their achievements because of unconscious cultural biases, that's bad enough.

But deliberately setting out to deny somebody credit out malice is disgusting.

The most vicious debates occur when both sides are wrong.

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Tonight I'm listening to and compiling the dictionary of my , iljena

First ever image of a black hole, announced just moment ago. The heart of the galaxy M87, 53 million light years away. Sublime

LINGUIST List 30.1441: Saving Endangered Languages with Prescriptivism

The LINGUIST List issue 30.1441, topic: Fund Drive, title: Saving Endangered Languages with Prescriptivism


Giant April Fools joke makes everybody get up and go to work an hour early.

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