Rewrote my company website. Should read more professionally now and give a better idea of the services I offer.
Playful Technology Ltd

*sigh* once again someone makes the mistake that "low average life expectancy" means "people are old at thirty" (instead of "many people die in infancy so the average is lower")

I used to have a golf umbrella, but it was no use. It had 18 holes in it.

My talk at PyData London on using NLP to detect Fake News went down really well last night.

It is possible to extrapolate from current circumstances to a situation in which the excercise of reserve powers would become necessary.

Suppose somebody were elected leader of the Tory party, and then convicted of Misconduct in Public Office.

My satnav is so rude. It doesn't just tell you where to go, it tells you where to go.

A well-timed No Confidence motion could force the Tories to fight an election without a leader.

The party list system is the worst electoral system going.

The Tardis' telepathic circuits can translate most languages, but don't work on Judoon because they're too thick.

Fans Of Show Where Everybody's Evil Shocked When Favourite Character Turns Out To Be Evil Too.

The merits of the site were such, however, that it was resettled within a generation. But its evil reputation remained, for all that the old ways had been stamped out. Even today, thousands of years later, nobody trusts the people of that city, but nobody can remember why. 2/2

The city stood on fertile ground, by a navigable river, with supplies of both copper and tin close at hand. It soon came to dominate the region. But its rulers worshipped demons, and practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. So its neighbours besieged it, burnt it to the ground, and scattered the survivors to the four winds. 1/2

All the road signs in Yorkshire have been stolen.

Police are looking for Leeds.

There's a road sign on a dual carriageway near Chichester that says

No racing in horse-drawn vehicles.

It strikes me as curiously specific.

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A geologist is the only person who's glad if you tell him, "That's your fault."

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