Even at its best, 21st century does not reach the heights that the show achieved in the 20th century. The single-episode format leads to rushed stories with insufficient development of characters and plots.

Nationalist newspaper 

Heard about the world's most adventurous judge?
He'll try anything.

UK politics, satire 

Political parasites (UK) 


UK politics, special advisors 

UK politics, lockdown breaking 

The old Batman theme has a bit of a surf vibe to it.

Pandemic politics 


Nice additions! The visual representation of estimators is 🔥

RT @scikit_learn@twitter.com

Scikit-learn 0.23 is out!

Check out the highlights at scikit-learn.org/stable/auto_e

Including: GLMs (Poisson, Gamma), HTML repr for notebooks, faster KMeans, monotonic constraints for GBDTs, and much more!

To install: pip install -U scikit-learn

🎉 Thanks to everyone involved! 🎉



Anybody got any idea how I can get an emergency laptop repair done at the moment?

But when I tried to dig the beds,
Ripped my buttocks into shreds,
Big, big garden, you put me into casualty.

Well, I'm an aging rocker lad,
Took to gardening like my dad,
Got some bedding plants from down the nursery...

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