Story idea:

The Empire is ruled by a corrupt and decadent court. A popular rebellion is brewing, seeking to overthrow the unjust aristocracy. But the a wizard in the Emperor's service foresees that this will lead to chaos, slaughter, and the rise of a new tyranny. Can he prevent this by bringing down the system bloodlessly from within first?

UK politics 

Mr Johnson, when you're in a hole, stop digging.

Sir Kier, when your opponent is in a hole, fill it.

UK politics 

There's nothing unusual about this. Boorish has been associated with dodgy parties throughout his whole career.

Politics, royalty, two scandals 

Your Majesty, while you're sacking people who've become an embarrassment to the nation, there's a Prime Minister we need to talk about...

What do you get if you cross Darth Vader with the Sex Pistols?

Anikin in the UK

UK politics, satire 

Paint by Farrow & Ball.
Whitewash by Lord Geidt

RT @HazelMonforton
Remember that Douglas Adams bit where people decided leaves were currency so they burned down trees to create scarcity so the value of leaves went up? Thats NFTs.

31st word for Kipin
goragnne: /ɡoraŋːe/
A, strong
biregnni, gurommi
/bireŋːi/, /ɡuromːi/
(n, Animal) dog

31st word for Khangaþyagon
suþbal: (v) plant, especially trees or other perennials; plan for the future; cast spell intended to take effect over the long term
suþbalon: planter

30th word for Kipin
gnurpi: /ŋurpi/
U, strong
mirki, gnorke
/mirki/, /ŋorke/
(v) work

Owning a cat means getting up at 6.30 to feed somebody who spends half the day asleep.

29th word for Kipin
agor: /agor/
AU, strong
fogur, ebir
/ɸoɡur/, /ebir/
(n, Human) husband

28th word for Kipin
nhibi: /ɲibi/
IU, weak
mwifigu, neego
/mwiɸiɡu/, /neːɡo/
(n, Inanimate) wine

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