US politics, satire 

There doesn't seem to be much of a community here on Mastadon. A few conlangers, yes, but very little conlang-related activity.

UK politics 

Imagine a world, much like ours, but in a simulation. A buggy simulation. The inhabitants perceive the bugs as magic. What is magic like in this world?

Doctor Who new year special recap – Revolution of the Daleks | Television & radio | The Guardian

"That episode was no Robot of Sherwood."


Controversial statement about Python 

31st word for Kipin
agnno /aŋːo/
A, strong
emmi, fognnu
/emːi/, /ɸoŋːu/
(n, Human) year

30th word for Kipin
ranke /raŋke/
A, strong
renki, rompi
/reŋki/, /rompi/
(n, Inanimate) boundary ditch

29th word for Kipin
sarke /sarke/
A, strong
serki, sorpi
/serki/, /sorpi/
(n, Inanimate) yard

29th word for Khangaþyagon
motarþ: rammed earth, cob, adobe

28th word for Kipin
sagel /sagel/
AI, strong
segil, sobil
/segil/, /sobil/
(v) dance

One of the things that makes Darth Vader such a compelling villain is that, unlike many movie villains, he's actually sane. For someone who believes that fear is the most effective way to rule a galaxy, all his actions make perfect sense.

27th word for Kipin
dipi: /dipi/
IU, weak
dwiku, deko
/dwiku/, /deko/
(n, Animal) egg

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