Public health slogan 

UK politics, satire 

The story of the Emperor's New Clothes is unrealistic in that the crowd didn't try to make the boy shut up.

UK politics, COVID-19, satire 

"Gender reveal parties" 

The original working title of "Total Recall" was "Rubbish Precision".

UK politics, Rejoin the EU 

Has anyone else made a with a Daghestanian-style noun system?

"Magic's not like in the movies, where you wave a wand and shout 'Canis Latinitatis!' and something goes bang," explained the Cunning Man. "Everything happens for a reason, and magic is all about giving things reasons to happen."

For a magical subculture to hide in plain sight in a contemporary setting, you have to have magic that looks like coincidence to mundanes. Magic that can't do things that are physically impossible, but which can make things happen that would not have happened otherwise.

A Teen Threw Scots Wiki Into Chaos and It Highlights a Massive Problem With Wikipedia #linguistics

Rule Britannia 

Religion, captalism 

It's easy to find a hotel in Romania because you can always Bucharest.

English Law Question (involves politics) 

UK politics, migration 

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