#Lexember Day 1:

"pan pan" (Adjective)
healthy, growing, flourishing
Also: A thing that is plantlike or remeniscent of nature.


#ehw #conlang #glossopoeia

#Lexember Day 2 Double Feature!:

"pet pet" (Noun)
pet, friend, cutie, ally, hero
A thing that is cute, good, and/or friendly.

"bad bad" (Noun)
enemy, evildoer, criminal, monster
A thing that is bad, ugly, and/or hostile

Fun Fact: A lot of words in the #ehw #conlang are derived from doubling a root word. Both of these words are doubled forms of adjectives!


#Lexember Day 3:

"med wud" (verb)
say, speak, talk

Fun Fact: Many verbs in the #ehw #conlang are constructed from the words for "make" (med) and "do" (du) paired with a thing that is made or done!


#Lexember Day 4:

"du hed" (Verb)
think, decide, lead

Fun Fact: This word is constructed from the word for "do" (du) and the word "hed" which means "head, top, leader" (lexicon.ga/170/79) because the head is on top of the body and does the thinking!

#ehw #conlang #glossopoeia

Vlasi words of the day #4:

klūine (verb): to hear
pa klūine: to listen to
pra klūine: to listen for (something)

#Lexember #conlang

4th word for Khangaþyagon
aldoþ: a map as a repository of knowledge about the world

Vlasi words of the day #3:

mīse (verb): to see
pa mīse: to look at
pra mīse: to watch

Me pa zóldemo mīse.
I look at the (falling) snow.

#Lexember #conlang

3rd word for iljena
mtl: small harp or zither with sympathetic strings.

3rd word for Khangaþyagon
roskil: waymap, showing the sequence of key landmarks between two places, and what to do there.

Vlasi words of the day #2:

zolde (noun, animate): snowfall, snow (the weather phenomenon)
zolda (noun, inanimate): snow (the substance)

#Lexember #conlang

2nd word for iljena
1u2i3: turn
(Numbers represent consonants of the noun root)

2nd word for Khangaþyagon
sulgæ: a map of imaginary places, used for magical purposes.

Vlasi word of the day #1:

twerga (noun, animate): storm, tempest

#Lexember #conlang

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