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@distel The medium of soap stone is somewhat more forgiving - being firm, it stays put and doesn't stretch the way an eraser does.

That said, if my stone has cracks (and it does, oh man, it does) then I run the risk of something falling apart after having put a lot of work into it. :(

@distel So, back again, and... still working on cleaning up and fining up lines.

Slow but very satisfying work.

Especially as this stamp bears the kanji for my user name: Old-brush-new-paper

@srol Riders on the Storm certainly comes close for me - heard on a car radio during a cross country journey, when I was 8, watching storms (of course) sweeping across the Great Plains.

And noticing my mother was really, REALLY uncomfortable with answering my questions about the song!

@distel I will, after I've recovered from having been -><- this close to finishing, and then having a bit crack off.

I have spend a substantial part of today preparing another stone, and making some initial cuts.

Which I am reconciled with, but my shoulders are *killing* me...

(Sorry to be such a sad sack! Enthusiastic showing of pictures will come, though!)

@distel About stashed yarn: I know, right?

I am busy here in our cocoon, have taken up more bird-site stuff, but also am remembering friends here.

(Specifically, I'm remembering my fond hope of making that piece for you... as other things also move in and out of my attention...)

(For instance,... new hobby: seal carving.)

@irina @jessmahler *witnessing* That's sad, Irina. I have a lot of sympathy for those kinds of things.

@distel That's a really pretty color!

I haven't been good about keeping up here. But, still - good to catch you!

@jessmahler Fair enough - I knew I was skating thin ice, because of the more legal ramifications (as well as extra emotional baggage) that come with marriage and divorce.

In addition to "scorched earth", there is the weirdness of continued entwinement - all the disadvantages while nothing of what would have been advantages of divorce. (However, that's my story, not yours, sorry for the derail. Thought this was going to yield more when I'd started this train of thought.)

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@jessmahler I wouldn't take that, even with a kilo of salt.

My parents kept in contact after their divorce, "for the sake of the kids".

(Narrator: In fact, it was for the sake of the alleged grown-ups' egos, as they desperately repressed self-knowledge of the damage they continued to inflict on their children.)

@kiesa Slightly related - I remember getting *really good* at math in my head, when interacting with a drawing program where I frequently had to reposition things to the milimeter, using formats like A4... and making "wet thumb in the wind" guesses about ratios when needing to reduce or expand individual elements.

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@Cyannin I'm liking especially the "currency" in which you will effectively buy back your cat's affections.

Covid thoughts, mh(-) 

@KelsonV Okay... this toot appeared right above your Michael Moore/2020 bingo card one, and... I was set to wondering if Moore had already fallen out with the anti-climate warming folks he's started carrying water for.

Alas, not.

Still, it was a fun puzzle!

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