So I work at a hotel that serves free breakfast and dinners (for guests*), though the dinners are only mon-thu.
If you're ever looking for a free meal, I'd recommend checking out if there are hotels near you that do the same. I'm going to reply with a few tips to keep in mind in case you're nervous/unsure how to pass as a guest.
1. Dressing how you would if you just woke up is fine. 100% normal. Some people get ready before breakfast, but tons don't.

Personal history 

@hafnia Owning a cat is very good for my Dutch - learning all sorts of words for misbehaving felines.

Current favorite for our local boy is "schurk" (something like "bandit", or "punk", in my feeling without looking up a translation - I even got called it in all seriousness, when I wandered past two old(er) women while wearing a leather jacket...)

@natrix @distel Ooh, crocheted socks? That seems like they'd be very thick but... how did you do them, generally speaking?

@anthracite *hugs* There's something wonderful about that realization, even if it does mean there isn't some easy token you can name for the aspirant gift-giver...

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Family and anxiety update + 

@jessmahler This looks like a strategy I could happily adopt: not even being polyamorous or having frequent guests, it's still a good exercise for those friends we do have over - and the third step just rocks, especially with your 3 conditions. (If it's three meals, it's a lot easier to keep their ingredients as "staples".)

Thank you for putting this down for reading!

@sashakovich Thanks! Also for the caveat regarding the designer's stance. And explaining the presence of a technique that might scare one away.

And your sense of timing. "There are 31 sections", indeed! *wince* *chortle*

I am going to envy and enjoy the way you will rock this shawl. I also admire your knitting spirit, for having embraced this project.

@Aleums @woomy The saddest thing in the world is not getting The Joke.

But the kindest thing, is explaining to the ignorant. Thank you for being kind.

@draco Oh, so relatable.

You, too, are a very good cat-mom...

(Not sure about the status of "cat-mom" in relation to gender-language. I'm still looking for a good replacement to use when I know I'm dealing with folk of fluid gender...)


Having a bit of a wobble, due to a misunderstanding (and unkind response) elsewhere.

I'll see about sleeping it off, and being back tomorrow.

Thanks to the rest of you, you're wonderful!

@phildini LOL and *blush* sorry about the, uhm, excess of enthusiasm? ;)

Anyway, I hope you have a GREAT trip!!

@draco Oh Loving Spouse here so feels your dilemma...

(I'm really a bad cat-mom, not doing the requisite play, especially hard on one of our very smart fur babies...)

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