So, Fediverse and Shop... I'm sitting here with my knitting, feeling at slightly loose ends because the place I go help teach has decided to stop all classes with immediate effect.

Strictly a volunteer measure, so far, but one I'm mostly happy to see.

So, here I knit, gently recalibrating my brain, for whatever the next thing will be.

So, got to bed *considerably* earlier last night, and am feeling much the better for it.

*checks the Irish language pattern creeping into my writing, decides not to bother "correcting" it*

I had a GREAT chat yesterday with @irina, and spent most of the last two days just doing calligraphy at public area tables - yesterday was in the crafting area, where I also earwigged a couple of workshops.

I'm a 50+ person, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse, a Delightful Dutchman.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

The interests include and other .

I've been told I can be a hard-ass by people whose opinion I care about, and consider that a compliment. But, most of the time, I like nice & kind.

Wheee... well, after the bad wobble from a few days ago, I had a Very Good day, at a small, planned related event. My brushes behaved reliably, my mind could visit "the zone" mostly when I wanted it to, and I have a couple of things I'm happy with that I then gave away.

I can tell it was a good day for shodō yesterday - today's session was slightly lackluster: a sign of having really spent a lot of that energy yesterday.

That's okay, too. Tomorrow, I reckon I'll be fresher.

I guess I sort of "adulted" today. 

I guess I sort of "adulted" today. 

minor health whining 

My teacher has given me lots of homework from the other students to correct... so off I go to my table, soon!

(Good to dip back in for a bit, though.)

Oh, Shop and Fediverse. Today I have -ed to my edge and am happy,... but for the distance I still feel I have to my goal of a particular skill level.

(Wanting to produce a hiragana worksheet for the fellow calligraphers, and... perfection, eh? It's not reachable, but you know how one keeps trying.)

Whee, Shop and Fediverse.

Today I was a teacher. Well, a *substitute* teacher, but still -- a teacher!

*happy dance*

Good morning, Shop and Fediverse!

Goodness, I was very quiet yesterday. But it was a good day. on , also , working on a project that will eventually become a poster. Part of this is getting my head around my shodō teacher's request that I take the class for her two times, in just over 2 weeks' time. Nervous, but very, very happy and gearing up to do my best job possible.

(Yippee!! Officially glad that 𠂇 made it, at least on my screen...)

So, my adventures at the table today took me not only to 右 (right) 有 (have) 左 (left), but also to their forms in various historical scripts, from Clerical to Seal to Oracle Bone - there's a lot of fun there for an old brush like me.

The focus on 友 (friend) lead me to consider what exactly was going on with the elements in this character, and which shared particularly the left-side structure (𠂇- if that works right, I'll be so glad!) My dictionary tells me that 友 is two hands together (literally 又
plus 又) but while I liked the story, I wasn't "seeing" the hands, especially with two such different forms.

My brain... is that nice, slightly over-done fuzzy that ensues after an intense session of study: kanji in the afternoon (while doing ), and my favorite of copying a text from a novelization of a Japanese police procedural series. ( for those who know...) I do a modified Cornell note-taking method ( where I put my translation notes in the cue column, and text (double spaced) on the right.

*phew* Back from my big day out, at class, where my teacher got me to also do some corrections (under her supervision), and generally approved of my choices. (Although I heartily acknowledge she's an important balance to my own somewhat "KTF" nature when it comes to items needing improvement...)

My feet hurt - I only noticed on the last steps to the station, and realized how much I'd been on my feet during class. There might be some future foot correction needed, bleh.

Today I went to my class, for the 5th year since I started with this teacher - these days, I mostly buzz around in the background, helping her out.

It's amazing the number of pupils who think they're doing the right thing by "economizing" on the ink they put in their brushes. I reckon 3/4's of their problems are solved by giving the brush a good dunking and *then* stroking out the excess.

turned into a kind of stretch session, as I learned by testing some of the new paints for glass and ceramic (instead of ink) and how much different it is from ink... I wasn't so much brushing my characters as "dropping" or glopping them on from an extremely full brush.

Hmmm, so maybe it's time for again.... and maybe later some calligraphy.

Doing calligraphy,... the character 冬, for winter, as one does.

Christmas Thoughts 

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