Cat picture! And soppy affectionate words about my cat 

Skating - or rather, spinning! - just under the wire: my first 30 minutes' participation in this year's Tour de Fleece.

Messy Dinner (food) 

Current state: the main marker on the cable shows the end/begin of the round. I'm not quite through the first repeat (of which there are 5 total), but you can see the beginnings of the willow leaf motif.

I've tweeked a bit the levels of light and contrast to help the stitches "pop" a bit more.

Photo of nice things in the post 

food mention - home-processed crystalized mandarin zest 

Food mention - mandarin zest being processed 

Alcohol mention (enjoyable for them's that imbibe...) 

food, cooking, proud cackling 

Food - home baked goods. 

Done, as of about 20 minutes ago. (The delay is due to clean-up and getting this shot arranged.)

The living room smells really, really nice! But my hands are a bit achy now, having hand ground this with mortar and pestle.

cooking, pictures 

How about some self-spun yarn "pron"? 

Yesterday's play.


The joke here is that cat is usually written with a "dog" radical, which... well...

I may work this up further, and add the current kanji. Also, I'm trying to come up with a nice brush script based on Clerical Script, inspired by an uncial script like Insular Minuscule.

picture of my "table" while travelling.

Many of the pieces come from the box you see in the background - the calligraph box set is from my friends from my Dublin aikido dojo, a goodbye gift when I left there so many years ago.

The little sake jar visible is actually there for holding extra ink - since I was using a big brush, I needed to grind a lot of ink.

The day's production - for our host, who is a bit crazy about dragons, but also needs to balance them with a phoenix.

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