I'm a 50+ person, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse, a Delightful Dutchman.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

The interests include and other .

I've been told I can be a hard-ass by people whose opinion I care about, and consider that a compliment. But, most of the time, I like nice & kind.

I've just realized something about the people sending follow requests to me: I'm much more likely to say 'yes' if the level of engagement is something more than just liking my pinned introduction.

Also, I'm more likely to allow a follow if aspirant follower has an account I think I'd like to follow back.

That's not to say I do auto-follow backs. Just that I consider approvals on the basis of "how much joy will you bring to me?" See above about "hard ass".

@artsyhonker That's very kind, thanks! It just sort of came clear to me as I finally decided to decline a few offers of new followers.

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