@emceeaich @OldBrushNewPaper Rotterdam is a fine city but not exceptional in terms of bike culture or infrastructure. It's highlighted in that article mainly because it was destroyed in the war, which led to more car-oriented post-war development initially before they thought the better of it. (Americans, for want of Germans to destroy their cities for them, used "urban renewal" and interstate highways instead 😭)


@oompah @emceeaich Yeah, that pretty much tracks with my experience of the city. (I've learned to love R'dam more as I've gotten older - and it's revitalized. The new central train station is a pretty, pretty thing!)

It's my deep regret that, where I lived in the US, the famous ethinc neighborhoods in my city were "urban renewal-ed" out of existence before I was old enough to go exploring them on my own.

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