It seems from my mentions there are dudebros cruising my line for performative debates, not reading, comprehending and conversing. Go away. I have no care about the minute refinements of how Socialist and Libertarian intersect. I was expressing frustration about living cooperatively where there always seem to be about 1% who sign on to claim the benefits of community but literally or metaphorically shit on the lawn and scream they can’t be told what to do when reminded of their contract.

@Johannab thankfully, in my jurisdiction, we CAN tell them what to do, because they DID sign, whether they read it or not. It’s messy and lengthy, but we can get them gone.

But really, when the matter at hand is a yes-no vote on an issue that does not affect you but will help a neighbour... and whether you vote yes or no is likely of no consequence... why be an ass to the volunteers who simply sought your participation? You suck.

Luckily the other 99% of us are awesome and ultimately that is enough.


@Johannab I'm sorry your mentions have been suffering from a certain infestation, though, even if you do have the perspective to deal with it well.

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