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Time for again.

First of all, I love chatting BEFORE I start following. You'll improve your chances if you do the same - just a short note, say "hi!" and how I happened to catch your attention enough for a follow.

I'm 50+, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

Most of the time, I like nice & kind. But Hard-Ass Me remains vigilant.

UNESCO World Heritage and... massage? 

hello! I am taking commissions for silly embroidery. Please respond if you are interested in paying a human to do some silly embroidery for you. Thanks!

Pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but I'm honestly curious, especially for people in my feeds.

If Twitter were to join the fediverse, you would want your home server to:

Serious... disappointed 

Serious... disappointed 

capitalism, rant-ish 

I'm stumped and not having any luck looking online so I'm turning to you for this #question:

My #Kobo will not remember this house's wifi password. Every other device I own remembers the wifi perfectly fine, and it was not a problem with previous password-protected wifi spots I saved.

Soft reset/"repair" has been tried, multiple times.

Kobo Aura H20

#techsupport #Books

So if you've heard that DriveThruRPG is banning titles because Blue Lives Matter, that was a lie. A big fat lie.

mental health (-/~/+) 

Food - umeboshi plums on non-Japanese foods 

Food - umeboshi plums on non-Japanese foods 

Vonda McIntyre, one of the founders of the Clarion West writers’ workshop, left her literary estate, and a bequest of nearly $400,000 to the workshop. She had passed away earlier in 2019.

So I'm in a tough position, my hours got cut at work cause they decided they didn't want to pay out payroll for already scheduled shifts. I'm currently looking for a 3rd job (or replacement for the retail one) but in the meantime I really need some extra work.

I do have a commission queue, but if you have deadlines I can accommodate for it - especially if it's for a Christmas gift. I can fast track those :)

Oh shoot, nap-attack.

At least I have the lovely odor of coffee...

Dear fellow white people:

"White" and "normal" aren't synonyms.

Get used to the idea that you are one among an infinite selection of variations on a theme, and that MOST of those selections don't look, believe, or behave like you.

You are not normal. You are not better. You are just you.


The developer of Misskey is facing the loss of internet access due to financial difficulties.

Please consider becoming a Patron of this amazing fediverse project! #misskey

Good morning, Shop!!

*wanders in, feeds the cats, sits down... then jumps back up again, saying:*

Oops! Time to get the coffee going! Loving Spouse is about to get out of bed, and it's always nice to have that coffee together.

In the end, no more was done today.

My fingers will probably thank me. Tomorrow.

Nighty night, all!

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