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Time for again.

First of all, I love chatting BEFORE I start following. You'll improve your chances if you do the same - just a short note, say "hi!" and how I happened to catch your attention enough for a follow.

I'm 50+, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

Most of the time, I like nice & kind. But Hard-Ass Me remains vigilant.

Good morning, Shop and Fediverse!

*waiting for my coffee to brew long enough to get nice and tasty...*

How are you all?

Good morning... well, good for some, morning for some...

Just checking in. With my coffee, as I'm not entirely awake just yet.

Switching to something a little more lighthearted -- question of the day:

What's the last thing you did that you're proud of?

(Boosts, etc, are welcome -- if you reply you'll guaranteed to get a reply from me telling you I think it's cool, too. <3 )

I'm tempted to do as the police in another jurisdiction: carry a stout pole that is 1.5 meters long, for the purpose of demonstrating correct distance.

Problem is, I think for the civilian like me, that might be an actual offense of the legal code. Pity, eh?

Good morning from a VERY quiet Belgium!

We're doing okay with local conditions (not-quite total lockdown) but mourning how our local baker has shuttered the family shop, b/c it's too small to allow more than one customer at a time, but people can't seem to get that through their skulls.

Asking for Grocery/Food Money :boost_ok:​ 

Good morning, Shop and Fediverse.

Our cats have treated us this morning to a chorus of "we-e-e-e wa-a-a-a-ant tha-a-a-a-t bi--i-i-i-ird!" when a pigeon displayed itself on a roof across the street.

It was wo-o-o-o-o-on-derful!! *chortle*

Support your Fedifriends! 💚 ✨

If you're in a bad financial situation right now and need a bit of extra money to get by, please leave your links below! Paypal, Ko-Fi, whatever!

Everyone ends up in these situations at some point and we all know how awful it can be. And what with the current situation, there'll be even more people struggling.

Friends, let's alleviate some burdens and help out!

Covid-19, prepping 

So, Fediverse and Shop... I'm sitting here with my knitting, feeling at slightly loose ends because the place I go help teach has decided to stop all classes with immediate effect.

Strictly a volunteer measure, so far, but one I'm mostly happy to see.

So, here I knit, gently recalibrating my brain, for whatever the next thing will be.

a weird thing is that if you say "JP Morgan participated in an attempt to stage a fascist coup against FDR" it sounds absurd and impossible, but it's a thing that really did happen. The person he tried to recruit for it was called Smedley Butler, and you couldn't make that name up

Hey everyone, the ideas deadline for #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 3 is four days away! If you’re a #writer or #artist and want to contribute, DM me with your ideas and we’ll go from there!
If you can’t do a full story, consider submitting a cover instead! Likewise, DM me with your ideas and we’ll go from there!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

I was really sad that my *knees* were not happy with me today. Decided to not walk the length of the bus route (it's not really a long route, either!) because combined with the cold, the chance of giving greater injury to an already inflamed knee felt not NEARLY close to zero... *sigh*

Follow up from yesterday: not a lot of help from the local bus company - am trying to light a fire under their collective backsides on Twitter. Police contact so far: will look for a lost item, and are open to me making a criminal complaint. But I'll have to time my arrival so that I am not stuck waiting hours for the next agent. 1/2

Well, POOP!

I left a bag, treasured Japanese cat bag full of a knitting project and swatches, on the bus.

Loving Spouse jumped on his bike as soon as we'd realized I didn't have the bag. Intercepted the bus on its return trip. Bag was already gone.

I can only hope someone didn't decide to help themselves to the pretty bag, but instead are taking it tomorrow to the local police station.

*deep sigh*

It's small beer in this universe but still... man, I so did not need this.

Good morning, Shop and Fediverse!

My brain seems stuck on telling me, "You should do..." this morning. So, I'm going on a mini-strike, until my brain stops that.

I mean, I have stuff to do today, but Brain doesn't work on that. It's trying to micromanage stuff I don't have to start on for *hours* yet.

Tell me something good about what's going on with y'all, to get me away from the panopticon in my skull?

For the 25th of February, I spent the day wishing I could change things or myself. So today's poem is about things like that.

"After the Changeling Incantation" is a poem written by John Philip Johnson and published in Strange Horizons in 2014.

Ah, Loving Spouse has gotten more energy first, and is making "second pressing" coffee.


(With apologies to our friends here who, uhm, consider this sacrilege.)

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