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I'm a 50+ person, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse, a Delightful Dutchman.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

The interests include and other .

I've been told I can be a hard-ass by people whose opinion I care about, and consider that a compliment. But, most of the time, I like nice & kind.

Breakfast this morning will be our personal Sunday tradition, shared with our hostess, of a cooked breakfast at a local cafe. This means I'll be into the convention late, which I'm okay with. I have my eye on a panel at noon, and hope to pop in briefly to the dealers' room, to pick up a couple more items for my hostess. The previous 2 days devoted to calligraphy might improve my "hit rate" for attending panels today.

So, got to bed *considerably* earlier last night, and am feeling much the better for it.

*checks the Irish language pattern creeping into my writing, decides not to bother "correcting" it*

I had a GREAT chat yesterday with @irina, and spent most of the last two days just doing calligraphy at public area tables - yesterday was in the crafting area, where I also earwigged a couple of workshops.

#WeAreNameless meta:

one of several reasons I really enjoy participating is that we're essentially making something fun and thought-provoking for ourselves without any intermediaries gatekeeping or trying to extract value.

Man, I feel like I've been run over by a truck - very slow start today.

Of course, my hostess with the mostess has other plates spinning, so some of my cope is going in that direction. But, I shall pull myself together and head back to the fray... soon. After, maybe, some more coffee...

if there's any left.

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I don't mind being a dad figure if your dad sucked. You're doing great, kiddo. Keep it up!

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

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The lazy, white supremacist trope in fantasy writing where nonhuman races represent nonwhite humans has a name now: Tolkien Minorities.

That is all.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a sitting person in possession of an empty lap, must be in want of a cat.

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I've added a couple new headers to my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon in the last few days, to address some questions I've seen from new users:

* Why should I add a caption to my picture?
* Why can't I search for a specific word or phrase?
* Why can't I quote someone's toot, like a quote-tweet?
* Weird, my server doesn't have a bunch of these features.

I've also changed the list of phone apps I recommend after some useful feedback.


we're very much not about clout here. follow to follower ratios, worrying about doing numbers on your posts, holding back on boosting something that doesn't seem popular are all pretty gross habits we try to purge ourselves of here.

we're about being a community, not a popularity contest.

most of us were like that before we came here. it takes time to unlearn and embrace a different way of using social media, but it's possible and you'll be better for it.

For those of you who've joined from the mass Artist migration wondering what the heck Tales From The Fediverse is, it's a project that I started last February to collect stories from the minds of the comic writer/artists and prose/poetry writers of the Fediverse in an anthology!
If you want to know more about it, feel free to ask!
If you want to know about updates and get the next issue as soon as it releases, feel free to follow me!
Here's the first issue:

Greetings, new users! Welcome to Mastodon and the greater Fediverse!

You may want to consult my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon:

It covers topics like:

* How do I get verified on Mastodon?
* Why should I caption my images?
* What the hell is with all the pineapples?

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