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Middle-aged, US expat in W. Europe. Married to Loving Spouse. Share custody of 2 adult cats and many interests accruing from 30+ years of marriage.

Lots of my interests are listed in my profile, but it's not exhaustive. I'm comfortable in my cis-het being, but try to be sympathetic to all types; It's hard being human.

I curate followers pretty hard, but if you like what you see, you'll improve your chances if you drop me a line to start a conversation.

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A couple hours after this first toot, the sky cleared and it's been a *brilliantly* sunny day.

Local friend also got in contact, so we could enjoy coffee (well, tea in my case) in the open air - though not in the direct sun, as my friend's having some health issues exacerbated by exposure like that.

It's been kind of an awful day, does anyone have anything nice they'd like to share? animal pics, interesting facts, something that makes you happy

Anyway I’m out of money now moving between two cities in two weeks. If you would like to help:$veryeleanor


i will be doing a smol april fools joke this year. it will be silly and hopefully not scare anyone. but if you would like to know what it is so you are not surprised, please DM me and i will tell you :blobcat:

We need your help, #Fediverse! @blodeuwedd and I want to test a theory, and we need lots of data.

Any standard love song can become a (significantly improved) sci-fi epic simply by changing all instances of the word "love" to the word "launch."

🎵 🎵 You'd think that people would have had enough of silly launch songs
I look around me and I see it isn't so
Some people want to fill the world with silly launch songs
And what's wrong with that
I'd like to know
'Cause here I go again
I launch you, I launch you
I launch you, I launch you 🎵 🎵

1. Determine whether the theory is supported by evidence
2. Determine which songs benefit most from being rewritten in such a manner
3. Delight

Any and all song lyrics involving "love" to be replaced with "launch." Support our research efforts by replying with new examples! Together we can create better, more exciting music with minimal effort and skill.

The other night I offered a friend of mine, who is a professional baker of incredible treats, a piece of cake that I'd made, and said, "it's just poundcake, it's not a big deal," and she pointed at me and said, "EVERY cake is a big deal," and I've been thinking about that a lot

A new fossil bed along the Qingjiang River in China, dating back to the Cambrian era (slightly earlier than the Burgess Shale), has turned out to be a treasure trove. Half the species found there haven't been previously described, and an incredible amount of soft tissue has been preserved, yielding unprecedented detail:

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To get your first page of toots ever just append ?min_id=0 to your public profile page address

If the CEO for the company you work for is hardly ever there, you probably work for a shithead.

My goodness, today's local weather is very foggy - to the extent that several of our local landmarks have been "stolen".

I love tickling my imagination with this notion: that the features rendered invisible by the thick fog have in fact been taken away by strange, powerful forces... Because the change in the vista is so remarkable.

Upcoming talks:

Copenhagen, March 26: presenting the opening keynote at the CPH:DOX Art, Technology, and Change conference on Small Technology as “The Antidote to Big Tech”

Singapore, April 6: Taking part in the Straits Times Education Forum to debate the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good”.

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tha camp got raided by the police, my friend was not caught but (most of ?) his frinds are. alone again, no money again. borders , borderprotection and injustice still up.

(via Apparently Facebook has been storing user passwords in plaintext for years. Not intentionally; it looks from the description that this was a leak into logs which got persisted. Mistakes happen, but on this scale it's pretty terrifying.

So just curious, I hear a lot here about PeerTube as a federated YouTube alternative, but I haven't heard much about its record or plans to deal with the sorts of abuse that makes YouTube such a problem. That is, harassment of various sorts, toxicity, spreading of misinformation/outright propaganda, Nazi channels, and other sorts of abuse.

How are they on that stuff, or if they're not far enough along yet are plans to deal with that being "baked in" from an early stage?

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