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Subtooting, not too controversial, I hope. 

Honestly, follow requests from someone with zero toots?


UK pol (short, reaction) 

My head has been spinning from the mess in the UK. Well, London, to be precise. Westminster.

Chickens do be coming home to roost, but argh, mess!!

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. - anonymous

"Cheese is a unique choice to hoard."

The dragon snorted, "It pairs with my extensive wine collection."

"And you throw cheese & wine parties."

"Naturally! The grandeur of my hoard must be known!"

"Yet guests leave disappointed."

"It's not my fault the fools expect to sample my treasures..."

The party-planner frowned, "So, you don't feed your guests... and insult them."

The dragon pondered, "Oh... I may see where I'm going wrong."

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Tour de Fleece 2022 

Forgot to mention, I'm working with (reads the label) a Merino/Zwartbes (bos? blas?) mix from John Arbon Textiles. It's got a lovely feel when spun either thread-thin or more "fingering" weight, and is dyed in a color called "Thistle", a lovely purple that is ever so slightly red-tinged, and with a range of shades mixed in to keep the final result from being too "flat" or boring.

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Tour de Fleece 2022 

So, I promptly disappear off-air, so to speak.

But, I have been spinning. Thanks to some feedback and suggestions, I've hit on this plan:

Flat stages = spinning something easy. I'm using a very small drop spindle.

Hilly stages = spinning something a little more challenging: a larger single.

Mountain/semi-mountain stages = plying, first the larger thread with itself, & the result of that to the thinner, "binder" thread.

I honestly think the telling of pronouns is just an update on when we used to tell people if we were Mr or Mrs. It's just now we have a few extra pronouns, and people dislike the attachment to married status, but really it's the same. No clue why people get so worked up about it

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Reporting for Day one: TIME TRIALS

I decided my inspiration was to "just" spin up 10 grams of my chosen fiber. Curious how "far" I'll get.

The drop spindle is because I'm actually away from home.

Fucking wild how so many groups of people want to murder us all.

So... I guess I'm going do something with the this year?

Anyone have a handy list of ways they vary their spinning depending on the type of stage any particular day has? I'm just looking for some ideas to hang my hat on.

You can't be civil if the boot of your oppressor is directly on your neck.

Moral progress is impossible in a society that habitually frames ethical questions as zero-sum trolley problems.

Subtoots R Us (hate-symbol annoyances) 

So, having gone exploring a Discord server set up by some fans of Duolingo...

numbers of them are flashing around Pepe.

And the one response I get from an admin demonstrates zero intention to do anything about it.

*le sigh*

I guess it's just the app, then. Still happy with that, enough that Loving Spouse and I have shelled out for a "Family Plan". No more ads, yay!

Although - different can of worms - their Gaeilge is distinctly dodgy.

With epic fantasy, there is a tendency for it to be quintessentially conservative in that its job is to restore what is perceived to be out of whack. - N. K. Jemisin

"I don’t see the sense to your actions," cried the hero righteously to his nemesis.

"That's the difference between us," screeched Barb Lifecrusher voluptuously, "I know I'm in a story, and I WILL gain control!"

She jabbed a red clawed finger at the button; the narrative rewove her into a well-rounded character instead of a byproduct of the author’s bitter divorce.

Uh oh, thought the author

“Get therapy,” Barb suggested.

Yes ma’am.

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antisurveillance tip 

now that the last remnants of messaging privacy are seriously threatened, may i suggest: learn sign language and only send signed video messages from now on. you can be sure that no agency can automate reading them.

of course, if everyone did this, agencies for sure would try to develop methods to mass-surveil them. this would have the side effect of making all technology more accessible to deaf people, so consider that a gain.


Your daily reminder that Erdoğan is an islamist autocrat and his regime has the largest number of imprisoned journalists in the world.

(Hey, if I’m to be called “a terrorist” by these people and barred from visiting the country I was born in for speaking out against him publicly, I might as well continue to do my job diligently.)

Fuck Erdoğan. I realise Turkey’s geopolitical military value for NATO but just fuck Erdoğan.

#erdogan #turkey #nato #sweden #finland

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