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Time for again.

First of all, I love chatting BEFORE I start following. You'll improve your chances if you do the same - just a short note, say "hi!" and how I happened to catch your attention enough for a follow.

I'm 50+, born&raised in the US, married 30+ years to Loving Spouse.

We got together via , discovered overlaps in other interests, now have a stable house hold with two .

Most of the time, I like nice & kind. But Hard-Ass Me remains vigilant.

Trans HRT, urgent 

Feeling... interstitial? at the moment.

Not exactly unpleasant, but also not really comfortable.

I'll survive. I'm just thrashing about right now, that's all.

literally you only need to point to SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS to understand what a fucking dystopia the USA is


Japanese language neepery (6/6) 

Japanese language neepery (5/6) 

Japanese language neepery (5/?) 

Japanese language neepery (4/?) 

Japanese language neepery (3/?) 

Japanese language neepery (2/?) 

Japanese language neepery (1/?) 


you spot what is probably a mistake in the Japanese language, of an Internet resource presenting itself as a study resource for Japanese language exams.

I'm just going to natter about what the mistake is on the next rock, behind a CW cut.

We engineered a wearable microphone jammer that is capable of disabling microphones in its user’s surroundings, including hidden microphones. Our device is based on a recent exploit that leverages the fact that when exposed to ultrasonic noise, commodity microphones will leak the noise into the audible range. By making it wearable, our jammer outperforms existing approaches with an improved coverage and less blind spots.

Fediverse PSA for newcomers: Caption your images! 

ask for help, housing 

adjacent politics with morning greeting 

Broke: “Be excellent to each other”
- centers doing things to people
- encourages self harm to minimize others discomfort

Woke: “Be excellent for each other”
- centers the relationship
- encourages self care to facilitate mutual aid

Are there any shops where I can buy some awesome leftist morale patches?

UK domestic abuse helpline info, + 

Everything and nothing

Starting with a stray bit of woolgathering about the Japanese writing system - what everyone else called "complicated", I'm coming to the conclusion of "flexible".

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