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Having a lot of fun with ISLANDERS, which I got during the Steam sale. The whole idea of being "dealt" a set of buildings to place, then unlocking new buildings to get in your hand is really cool, and winds up with some pretty nifty settlements.

Imagine being this wrapped up in a Steam review from mid-February that you have to go to the negative reviews and scroll down several pages even to see at all.

Seriously, wtf? I was under the understanding that for shipped with all these plugins, and yet...nothing. There aren't separate downloads on the page for them, so I have no idea what's causing the problem nor how to fix it.

Here's a representative shot of just how bad it is, with anti-free speech censorship by me.

When reading that (If you can!) consider that all the other articles are about five or six times as long or more, with this tone all the way through.

Roseanne Barr is finally off the hook as the most tone-deaf thing in history.

This is such a blazing hot take it burned down my house and the houses on either side.

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Progress being made on the landscaping, yay! The rains this spring have been incredible, which is making their job a lot harder, but thanks to Roomie's efforts Sunday to run her little pump on the trench for the retaining wall, the concrete is being poured as I type this.

Still three post holes that are too water-saturdated to do anything with so far, so they'll have to be done later. But still, progress!

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