My characters have the most creative names.

George, Flame, Violet and Dash are all my cats, btw.

That's one hell of a pairing of random screenshot with random quotation.

Felt my desktop was getting a little stale, so installed the Nordic theme, the Moka icon set, a wallpaper switcher, and changed the colours on my terminal.

Looks snazzy now!

Ugh. Why do I have such a hard time getting myself to do work that I actually do like doing when I get into it?

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The pain is real. ONE less card and I would have had that Minimalist achievement!

Good deck, though. Ramps really fast, and if I had 4 energy I would have been hitting Limit Break twice a turn.

Oh, and I actually have a 3-game win streak, which I don't have for any other character.

Well, I *tried* to do a minimalist run. But the deck wasn't coming together, and then I got a Snecko Eye, and, well...

Hey, I'm only flesh and blood here!

Ahhh, so close to the 5-card deck achievement! If only I got the relic that lets you remove cards at rest sites earlier!

I'm really enjoying these defense builds though. Just laughing off enemy attacks is a thrill. Tricky to get going though.


After many tries I finally succeeded with a defend deck with The Ironclad! And only using 11 cards, too!

Whew! Decided on a strength deck, which honestly is what most of my victories with The Ironclad have been, and limiting myself to only 15 cards. It paid off, and once again the Awakened One is in its birdy grave.

Still finding Ironclad to be a really tough class to win with.

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