If game devs, including solo indie game devs, can't be bothered to put a FoV slider on first-person games, they need to put a prominent health warning about it right at the start.

Especially given that most if not all the commonly used engines like Unity have pretty straightforward ways to make those available.

@Nezchan and if I use a console command to change it, don't make me to do it *every time*. *Glares at Bethesda*

@Canageek @Nezchan Huh, we didn't know FOV was all that important. What's it do healthwise? Motion sickness?

@IceWolf @Nezchan Yeah, a certain subset of people get motion sickness if the FOV and size of the screen don't match. Often games are sized for a TV viewed from a couch, using something like 60 degrees. However, if you are playing on a 23" or 24" monitor right in front of you on a desk, something between 90 and 110 degrees is closer.

It *usually* isn't a problem for me, but I think it was once? It certainly feels more natural after I adjust it.

@Canageek @Nezchan Huh, makes sense!

...I guess we haven't noticed it since we're playing on TV for everything these days (first dysphoria from chairs, and then that+lack of desk).

@Canageek @IceWolf

Yeah, it's basically akin to motion sickness. Look up "simulation sickness" for a fuller explanation of the phenomenon.

I haven't been able to play any of the Half-Life games in something on the order of a decade, and that was one of my favourites for some time.

@Nezchan @IceWolf woof, that sucks. I would have hoped Black Mesa fixed that :(

@Nezchan @IceWolf The one that gets me is low-FPS. When it fluctuates to much suddenly and shudders I get headaches. Or if it is under 20 fps at all.

@Canageek @IceWolf

Oh god no, I can't even *watch* Black Mesa unless I make the window pretty small.

@Canageek @IceWolf

I don't know why, but Source engine stuff just kills me regardless if I raise the FoV or not. But most things like Skyrim it's fine if I do. Not sure why there's a difference.

@Nezchan @IceWolf Skyrim is something I love...except for smithing.

That animation where it pulls out of your body then pans around? Makes me motion sick *every time* on PC. I don't recall noticing it on console, but on PC I hate that stupid animation. I wish there was a mod to change that ONE alone.

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