"Supporting the devs" is not a concept that applies to AAA games. The only people making money off sales are the publisher and executives, not the artists, coders and other staff. Who, as we know, are likely to get laid off regardless of how sales go.

Save that stuff for small studios, they're the ones actually operating at small margins.

Well, shareholders make money too I guess. And the capital management funds that own a bunch of the AAA studios.

@Nezchan Adding on to what you're saying here, devs at AAA studios will still get their salaries, will still get laid off, will still get paid no overtime for crunch etc. even if not one single person buys the game they worked on.

@Nezchan Absolutely this. The profits of a AAA publisher are more likely to go to strangling actual devs (both their workers and their competitors) than to supporting them.

Dev at a AAA company here. I agree with the sentiment, but caveats:

My experience is from EA, and mostly DICE, which doesn't do the "grow, fire 90%, repeat" cycle.

First, every regular employee gets a bonus once a year that depends on how well the studio did that year. If a studio releases a game and it does very well, devs do actually get a nice bonus. I've seen good and bad years at DICE, and the diff is big.

Second, entire studios can get shut down if they underperform 😕

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