Kind of gross 

@Nezchan the primary mission is to camouflage vomit stains

Kind of gross 


Just part of the rich tapestry.


Bowling alley carpets are so hopeful.

They came into this world all bright primary colors against deep dark backgrounds, murals of the 80s and 90s each one and then had dirt and cigarette detritus ground into them mercilessly in the cauldron of bowling americana.

Yet they still persist, harboring what could likely be studied as stratigraphic layers of middleclass soot; pizza grease from kids birthday parties, gum, dirt, cheap beer.


Arcades in the 80s and early 90s used the same carpets and had much the same connotations. I generally spent more time in them than bowling alleys.

@Nezchan I would pay a million dollars for an outfit made of bowling alley carpet


There are some pretty wild fabrics out there. I had a friend who made a dress with an abstract pattern with cell phones (the Nokia kind) all over it.

@Nezchan I love fabrics so much give them all 2 me
i just don't want to order the cool ones online tho give me a gay joanns for lesbians


I'm pretty sure if you stare at them long enough you can travel through time.

@Nezchan They do bear a certain resemblance to the time vortex.

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