Really good case study about King Arthur Flour's response to the pandemic baking boom. It's notable that they're an employee-owned company, and as such have made a lot of good decisions on behalf of those same employees' health and safety. And beyond that, funding bakeries that they supply to bake bread for people in crisis and frontline workers.

@Nezchan Ooh! Good to know.

King Arthur has long been my preferred, bc employee owned. Great to hear they are handling this crisis well and helping their community.


Far as I'm aware, King Arthur isn't available here. Normally, i think you could order it, but that's been cut off during the current crisis.

Not that I'm having bad results with whatever Bulk Barn is selling as "all purpose unbleached". It seems better than the kind I was getting from the grocery (Five Roses Never Bleached).

@xenophora @Nezchan @jessmahler that's awesome to hear, they're my go-to for gluten free flour

@xenophora @Nezchan @jessmahler Yes! They've been transferring ownership for about a decade, and they just last month hit 100%.

@Nezchan Do you have King Arthur in the bag?…Well then you're supporting an employee-owned business that has been resilient enough to weather the pandemic


I live in Canada, so no. I don't have King Arthur at all.

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