So yeah, finally gave up on last night. The fortress I built was pretty good, but ultimately it was turning into a chore.

I did get the turkey population below 450 and trending downward, although some of them started fighting among themselves. Turkey fights are a messy business. Plus, I had a vampire on the loose that I finally found and confined.

Got a Countess and a Baroness too, which was pretty cool.

Also I got a goblin invasion, which was weird because there weren't any goblin civilizations around me when I established the place. Turns out a long hallways full of cage traps is highly effective, then you can just feed them into the atom smasher.

Not so effective on the werebull that showed up, but I burrowed everyone pretty far down and it got lost trying to find victims. Then it turned back and tried to run away, whereupon my military took care of the rest.

I guess cage traps don't work on werebeasts until they revert to their original forms. Good to know.

Unfortunately it spawned right at the entrance to my fortress, so no time to get the gates closed. Next time I'll consider putting lockable doors behind that point to give myself time.

@Nezchan have you tried df-ai? I'd love some feedback from more skilled Dwarf Fortress players about how I can improve the AI.


Huh. That's interesting, didn't know about that.

Turns out that for werebeasts at least, a good solution is to have your burrow a long way from the entrance, with lots of things for the thing to investigate on the way. It'll end up reverting and running away (if you let it) before it gets anywhere close to your dorfs.

In this case, it ended up wandering around my indoor wood stockpile for a while and never got past the -1 level.

@Nezchan in fortress mode at the default frame limit of 100 ticks per second, one day is 12 seconds of real time

the full moons are a hardcoded list of 13 days per year:


I had so many turkeys that my framerate was down to 21 for the better part of three years.

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