I have had a turkey explosion!!!!!

Somehow an incredible number of eggs hatched all at once, and now I have just shy of....*checks notes*...FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY POULTS!!!!!

The werebeasts just killed my people. This is killing my framerate!

@Nezchan This sounds like a game I would hate, but reading your experiences is entertaining 💛


Frankly, I'm not even sure that I like it.

Well, in a year or so my dorfs are gonna have a long extended Thanksgiving dinner, that's for sure.

@Anke @Nezchan

Half the fun of Dwarf Fortress is talking and reading about it. :)

@Nezchan By now I'm kind of expecting the turkeys to become infected as well.

Seems like the natural conclusion of the narrative.


If they could, they definitely would.

This will become Turkey Fortress, bank on it.

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