Fucking great. There's another fortress completely destroyed by werebeasts. No clue where they came from either. Just suddenly four of my citizens turned, and started laying into whoever is around them, and the combat results are so complex and hard to read that I can't really tell who got bit and who didn't.

All that work...completely fucking ruined. AGAIN! What idiot thought this was a good mechanic?

I guess conceivably I could start from my earlier save. Maybe? Is that even possible?

I mean I'd lose everything I did today, which sucks ass. But at least I'd have all the stuff I did before that.

What gets me is there's zero explanation of how they would have gotten infected. I had an attack by the same species about a year beforehand and it was caught in a cage trap. I didn't think they could bite anyone from inside one of those. But I did move the cage to try to sell it to a passing caravan, so maybe it bit a bunch of people at that point?

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