Did some messing around with today, and came to a couple of disappointing conclusions.

There's no easy way, and certainly no way within my capabilities, to run Dwarf Therapist with the most recent version under . DFHack requires compiling from source, as far as I can see, which is a huge pain in the ass.

So the only reasonably simple way to get any of that is with the LNP someone made, which only runs an out of date version of DF.

Not happy about any of that.

My choices are run an old version with quality of life addons, or a current version without any of them. No middle ground.

On the plus side, I did find a tileset I really like, namely Phoebus. It's nice.

Tried out the Kruggsmash set because I like his videos, and...not a fan of actually playing it. It's nice and chunky for streaming or YouTube, though. But of course I'm not doing that stuff.

@Nezchan uh, this sucks. Idk how hard it is to build DFHack and I'm surprised no one did it so far


There might be something out there, but honestly I don't know where.


Actually it's really confusing. The install instructions say to just drop the dfhack script in the same folder as the df script, but the github has all these folders and makefiles and shit. So do I have to compile it to get the script in the first place?

But then why have a separate section in the docs aimed at developers, which is where compiling is listed? I don't get it.

@Nezchan maybe to run it you don't need to compile but to change it you do?


Well, this is the Git for the project, but I have no idea what script I'm supposed to put in the folder.

At least I know where to put it, but...

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