When I knew nothing about Dwarf Fortress, I didn't know why people play it.

Then I learned a little about Dwarf Fortress, and I started to understand why people play it.

Now that I've been studying how to play Dwarf Fortress for a few days, I have no idea why anybody plays it.


Have you tried building a library? All the hassle of making paper, thread and bindings … in my opinion all worth it for the book titles they come up with. :) (One of my dwarves wrote "The camera obscura in the age of myth.")

Also: do you know about Dwarf Therapist?


I do, and I wouldn't have made it nearly this far without it.

As to books, I have a great fondness for the generated book titles from Caves of Qud. My story "Do Remember Chewing Salt" was inspired by one of those.


Indeed, totally unmissable tool. I played #DwarfFortress for quite a while before I discovered it...

This is not meant like an insult (on the contrary) but yep, that that sounds like a dwarf title. XD

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