When I knew nothing about Dwarf Fortress, I didn't know why people play it.

Then I learned a little about Dwarf Fortress, and I started to understand why people play it.

Now that I've been studying how to play Dwarf Fortress for a few days, I have no idea why anybody plays it.

@Nezchan I imagine you'll be inundated with recommendations, but if you're interested in some alternatives that are less...obtuse, I can recommend some.


Surprisingly, even though my post has gotten a bit of attention, I haven't had a single recommendation for an alternative.

I already know about Rimworld, which I now realize is *very* similar to DF. More than I expected, to be honest. Not sure what else is out there in the genre.

To think, I started this journey via Surviving Mars, which is basically an ant colony in space.

@Nezchan Rimworld is my game of choice. I did that sci fi life. But there's also gnomoria, which is much closer to DF. Oxygen Not Included is pretty similar too, though less similar than any of the other games.



Problem with Gnomoria of course is that it got abandoned by the devs 4 years ago. The 1.0 (but still a little buggy) release was the last they touched it.

Oxygen Not Included seems a lot more different from what I'm after.

@Nezchan Interesting that you say that. 'cause Surviving Mars is really different from what I'm after when I play DF/Rimworld/etc. but Oxygen Not Included is more in line. I guess that's the great part about DF--scratches a lot of different itches.


I think what I like about Surviving Mars is the "ant colony" aspect. It's basically set up so you can create this thriving, and largely self-sustaining without too much micromanaging, society of little units, and just chill out and let them do their thing.

So far in my experience there's not all that much "sit back and watch" in DF, it's a lot more frantic in that sense.

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