Kiddo is designing a D&D style campaign that's in the Fallout world. It's set in an irradiated Pacific Northwest. He's trying to think of some good irradiated bad guys to include

@interneteh Ok, might have a few ideas, but first have you considered checking out the old Gamma World books? They were fairly light hearted takes on the post-apocolypse, so good for kids. Sentient bears and things.

@interneteh PNW animals that would be cool:

-Intelligent spirit bear colony on one of the islands
-Blackberries with mutations to make picking them REALLY suck.
-Vengeful eagles

@Canageek @interneteh You wouldn't even need to change the moose for it to be a viable post-apocalyptic natural hazard. They're hazardous enough today.


@Verdigris @Canageek @interneteh

Badgers, too. Sure, you could size them up, but even as they are you don't wanna mess with 'em.

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