Holy crap, now I'm even more glad I didn't get on board the WoW Classic hype train.

Blizzard, in response to a Hearthstone grandmaster from Hong Kong using a slogan from the pro-democracy movement, pulls all his tournament winnings, bans him from competing for a year, *and* fires both casters who were hosting the event, who likely didn't even know he was going to say it.

Very bad look, and I can't see any reason to give them money.

@Nezchan Sadly not surprising, but *definitely* not something we want to be supporting.

I can't believe withholding his winnings is even legal!


They're hiding behind a clause in the contract meant to punish players who go on public racist or *phobic tirades,

I'm hoping enough of the other prominent players come forward in solidarity to give them a wake-up call.

@Nezchan it’s pretty bad when the NBA is more progressive than a games store


To be fair, an awful lot of places are more progressive than big game corporations.

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