I'm thinking about that weird thing that happened with a bunch of different webcomics in the late 2000s, where I guess a ton of artists all kinda realized at the same time "Oh shit! A very significant amount of my audience is gay teens, but also I kinda made my comic 100% straight people without really thinking about it! I should do something about that!" and then suddenly a bunch of queer characters popped into existence from the creative void



I was reading Wapsi Square pretty regularly, and was surprised when the main character, up until then very heterosexual and devoted to her boyfriend, suddenly switched gears, dumped him out of nowhere and became a committed lesbian. Just about got whiplash from that one.

And then, shortly after, the whole focus of the series shifted (forgetting largely about the former MC) and focused on a new group of characters, one of the leads turning out to be bi. It was....strange.

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