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Guess who just made and posted her very first Twine game? This girl, that's who!

It's short, it's basic, but it's mine. And, hopefully, a bit of fun to read.

Check it out here:

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Do Remember Chewing Salt, my first story written in 24 hours, is now up on my flash fiction blog!

A journey back through the memories of a woman, focused around ritual salt-eating.

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For the folks who have followed me over from dot social, and new followers as well, I have a brand new Ko-fi set up if you like what I'm doing on Mastodon or on my website. You can buy me a "coffee" (even though I prefer tea) here:

If you want to read a bunch of free stories (and I'm working on a new one right now for the site), my website is here:

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Going to play some Slay the Spire over at in about 15 minutes.

The thing I hate the most about Dark Souls 3, more than the fact that it's thinly veiled DS1 fanfiction and the mechanics keep forgetting it's not Bloodborne, is the tediously long process to quit the game.

I mean seriously, you go to the menu, switch to the one that allows you to quit, but it does't quit. It takes you to the title screen (after a bit of a pause), then you have to press a button, wait for it to connect, press a button again, and THEN finally you get to navigate the menu & quit.

Hi! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "One Step from Eden" and "Legend of Keepers". We'll also continue flinging axes at stuff in Hedon. See you in the chat!

I still think one of the great missed opportunities in film was Jim Carey not doing a Lupin III film back when he was still doing a lot of very physical comedy and looking to transition into other sorts of acting.

It would have been a perfect bridge, allowing him to showcase physicality and a sense of humour, but also the potential for darker, more serious elements. Alas, we'll never see it.

Samuel L. Jackson needs to make a new video called "Stay the Fuck Home"

Just watched my friend finish the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC.

That's some bullshit right there, SquEnix.

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just remembered Reader Reply Cards were a thing magazines did back in Yon Olden Dayes

imagine this, my young friends: you read a number of articles on a topic, interspersed with (mostly) topically relevant advertising, each ad with a number associated with it, and at the end, you can circle numbers on a card corresponding to the ads you were interested in, drop the card in a mailbox, and receive more detailed advertisements in your home mailbox over the next few weeks.

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Spent the whole evening fighting the Boreal Outrider in the basement of Gough's tower. I feel like I'm way worse at this game than I used to be, and making absolutely no progress.

That feeling is reinforced by the fact that I basically gave up on the Curse-Rotted Greatwood already after many tries.

No YouTube, I don't want to watch a TEDx talk about how homosexuality is an evolutionary survival mechanism because gay dudes have higher IQs and "emotional maturity" and are less physically aggressive.

And I want to watch it even less seeing that it's from some cardiologist with a hard-on for the paleo diet.

RIP Albert Uderzo, co-creator of Asterix the Gaul.

(unrelated to covid-19)

*very Charleton Heston voice*


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