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Guess who just made and posted her very first Twine game? This girl, that's who!

It's short, it's basic, but it's mine. And, hopefully, a bit of fun to read.

Check it out here:

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For the folks who have followed me over from dot social, and new followers as well, I have a brand new Ko-fi set up if you like what I'm doing on Mastodon or on my website. You can buy me a "coffee" (even though I prefer tea) here:

If you want to read a bunch of free stories (and I'm working on a new one right now for the site), my website is here:

Cripes, and I thought I was oldschool for using a cassette drive back in my Color Computer 2 and VIC-20 days.

Welp, there goes John Cleese down the slippery slope into transphobic assholeism.

Fuck him and his privileged ass.


There are two types of people, those who see the abandoned strawberry and say "It me!" and those who dream of living in it and giving visitors gently hexed baked goods.

I'm going to play some War Thunder with @Sirsquid over at in about 15 minutes.

how did I miss that there's a Star Trek episode where Kirk meets Space Abraham Lincoln??

I can't believe it's taken me so long to realize that somehow Ubuntu-MATE uninstalled Redshift.

Of course I re-install it and have to search the web to find out how to make a config file so it's not continually trying to connect to some location service that it can't find. But all is well now. Dramatic difference in look from day to night, that's for sure.

Hello! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "War Thunder" and "Beyond All Reason". We'll also try to wrap up our trip through the Moscow underground in Metro 2033: Redux. See you in the chat!

Would two monoliths be a stereolith?

Does that make Stonehenge a surroundlith?

Monolith, isn't that the thing Joseph Campbell went on about?

Menhir With a Thousand Faces or something like that?

US pol, Trum transition, not that kind 

US pol, Trum transition, not that kind 

US pol, Trum transition, not that kind 

US pol, Trum transition, not that kind 

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