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Guess who just made and posted her very first Twine game? This girl, that's who!

It's short, it's basic, but it's mine. And, hopefully, a bit of fun to read.

Check it out here:

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For the folks who have followed me over from dot social, and new followers as well, I have a brand new Ko-fi set up if you like what I'm doing on Mastodon or on my website. You can buy me a "coffee" (even though I prefer tea) here:

If you want to read a bunch of free stories (and I'm working on a new one right now for the site), my website is here:

I saw a human tell the story of the election of the dwarf Id Whiplocks to the position of mayor of The Knives of Courage in 46 at The Inky Harvest. It's interesting.

— Giki Thecekicen, Goblin Bard

No spoilers, but I'm just gonna say that if you go into Subnautica Below Zero looking for a repeat of the first game's experience, you're going to be disappointed.

And that's a good thing. I think rehashing the same circumstances would make a lesser game in the long run.

I'm going to be playing some Stellaris over at in about 15 minutes. We'll continue exploring the mysterious Shroud and probably bullying some neighbouring empires. See you in the chat!

RE8 spoiler maybe? A bit vague though 

So...basically the ending of Resident Evil 8 is The Anatomy Lesson by Alan Moore?

Honestly, I can get behind that.


Apple wine, made with grocery store juice.

Six months old, and quite nice to be honest. I can imagine it'll be brilliant in another six.

Oh crap, Subnautica: Below Zero released the 1.0 version today. Guess I need to dive in this weekend.

Cripes, I needed that vaccine like I need a shot in the arm.

Botsplaining: turns out it's much easier to get a neural nets to sound confident than to actually be correct.

I am at Pretend Coffee Shop, and doing an adverb check on Level 99 because it requires no brain.

"Adverb check" is where I go through the entire document looking for words that end in "ly" (I do not check for most adverbs that don't end in ly) and then decide whether or not I need them. I do not have a vendetta against all adverbs and I'll keep, I don't know, 25-50% of them?

But most adverbs weaken rather than strengthen writing, so I try to cut back.

tired: "game console"

wired: "leisure computer"

Art is like rice pudding
... Correction, it's absolutely nothing like rice pudding

Just got my first Pfizer dose.

So when does my 5G connection kick in?

Hello! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Going to have a look at "Fate of Dynasty", then try out Blood through Raze engine and then we'll be starting a playthrough of Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

I expect the smell reminds me of the cooling tank on the dairy farm I grew up on. Fresh milk being stirred by large paddles and such.

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If you're curious, this is what yogourt whey looks like.

Basically it's a somewhat more acidic version of buttermilk, although not by a lot. What you get in the store isn't actually buttermilk, it's cultured milk, the real thing would look very similar to this.

Either way, it's great for baking with. Oddly, it always strikes me what a fresh smell it has when you mix it into dough for biscuits or whatever.

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