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Guess who just made and posted her very first Twine game? This girl, that's who!

It's short, it's basic, but it's mine. And, hopefully, a bit of fun to read.

Check it out here:

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For the folks who have followed me over from dot social, and new followers as well, I have a brand new Ko-fi set up if you like what I'm doing on Mastodon or on my website. You can buy me a "coffee" (even though I prefer tea) here:

If you want to read a bunch of free stories (and I'm working on a new one right now for the site), my website is here:

It endlessly tickles me that blockchain-based games (well, let's be honest, life support systems for NFT sales), being the shining hope of decentralization and freedom from government and corporate control...

...exclusively run on Windows.

Eat the rich, but leave the gamers alone 

Rancid meat is bad for you.


Homemade bacon!

Let it cure with just salt and pepper for flavouring for 8 days, then 3 hours of smoke. Hickory, since that's what I've got at hand.

My second try at making this, and I do think it turned out better than the first tbh. Pretty good for a spur of the moment pork belly purchase when running errands.

Kellogg worker keeping the line in a storm from thier Facebook page

boost to save a linux user 

to exit vim you have to type :q

I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at Tonight's menu: "Monster Crown" and "Deflection". Then we'll try to not cheat too much in Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

since chris pratt is de-italianizing super mario, i think robert pattinson should deliver the new batman's lines in an italian accent. to restore the balance

M'aiq heard there are caves full of spiders and whispers. He prefers the spiders.

Entries wouldn't be the clinical, compartmentalized style of SCP, or the detached but still somewhat fearful approach The Magnus Archives takes. Rather it would be personal, like diary entries, and variable in style. What information the author sees as important would be different based on their perspective and personality.

Plus, of course, multiple could work together on the same thing, giving a clear view between them. There's potential there.

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Thinking a bit more about it, I imagine some of the...agents? Is that too hierarchical an arrangement? In any case, some of the people in the field wouldn't be necessarily human themselves.

Intelligent/friendly phenomenon would definitely be a part of it themselves. Hidden races, anomalous beings, aliens even. Maybe self-aware objects. Or humans who have been changed in some way as a result of contact with the strange. Lots of space for diversity of points of view.

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Not to say some of those phenomenon wouldn't be adversarial, even horrifying. But they wouldn't uniformly be so, any more than every SCP is an abomination. And there could be larger problems that both human and phenomenon have to deal with, and perhaps knowledge from one could help another, with the agents as facilitators.

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You know what would be cool?

A kind of anti-SCP, where the focus isn't on abducting the abnormal and subjecting it to classification, experimentation and throwing it down a memory hole, but cataloguing and learning to cope with it in situ.

Think something midway between The Magnus Archives and Mushishi, where researchers would learn about existing hidden phenomenon in a co-operative way.

Ubuntu 21.10 is out now!

To celebrate this wonderful event, Impish Indri decided to pose a few more hours for us.
Impish Indri - Wallpaper - 1920x1080px

Many thanks to the Ubuntu team for their hard work 💙.
#art #illustration #mastoart

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