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Do Remember Chewing Salt, my first story written in 24 hours, is now up on my flash fiction blog!

A journey back through the memories of a woman, focused around ritual salt-eating.

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For the folks who have followed me over from dot social, and new followers as well, I have a brand new Ko-fi set up if you like what I'm doing on Mastodon or on my website. You can buy me a "coffee" (even though I prefer tea) here:

If you want to read a bunch of free stories (and I'm working on a new one right now for the site), my website is here:

Hmm. Looking at my iPad, I used to have two art programs. One is apparently no longer actively supported by its company and crashes a lot (ArtStudio), and the other is no longer downloadable from iTunes (SketchBook Pro), both of which I got back when I was in animation school. So uh....guess I have to find another one?

Anyone know a good free art app for iPad?

In the interest of sensitivity, we shall from now on paint using Van Lesbian Brown.

The WoW system has drawbacks, but it keeps immersion WAY better than Bethesda-style teleportation, and there's enough to see or do along the way that taking the long way doesn't get so boring.

Plus, a flight path can be a welcome chance for a bathroom break.

Thinking about fast travel, I think the way WoW handled it from about the Lich King period is actually better than most open world games.

Each region has at least one fast(er) travel point, but rather than just a teleport it's consistent with the in-game style and story. When you get to a region, there are quests and things to do within that region, with a bunch clustered around the travel point. For local travel, you have a series of mounts with increasing speed as you level.

Hmm. I was doing no fast travel as part of this fist-only run on Skyrim,'s getting kind of tedious. Maybe I need to abandon that part of it and just get down to some good old fashioned puncing.

Not a fan of games that use fast travel as a crutch, but there comes a point where you just don't want to run everywhere.

Why isn't the LGBTQ+ sale not showing up on my Steam app? Is anyone else getting it?

I'm going to take a short break from making my Godot tank game, so I'll start coding up a small CHIP-8 emulator over at

I think I'll do a bit of RimWorld today over at in 15 minutes. Survival is highly unlikely.

Definitely a good *looking* game though, and the voices are good. The character diversity is refreshing too, not surprising given that was one of the big selling points.

Pity that the mandatory mini-games were so clumsy and unclear about their directions.

Managed to cross 2064: Read Only Memories off my games backlog.

It's....not bad? The story seems to run mostly independently of the player's actions, leaving me, at least, feeling a bit superfluous to the whole experience. And when a character mentions what good friends we've become, I find myself asking...why?

But it's not a bad story, even if the ending is surprisingly upbeat and tidy given the circumstances.

Hi! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: Pine and Dicey Dungeons. We'll also be diving into the depths of Undeworld Ascendant again. See you in the chat!

I think the best instance of irony this year is how a game where you play a complete asshole pulls off its concept thanks to its inherent innocent purity.

Well, I voted.

Now I have earned the right to be a smug asshole, no matter how the election turns out.

I guess it's Coming Out Day today?

Honey, for me that ship has SAILED!

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