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My colleague Elizabeth did analysis re: how we catalog the most popular antiracism books & the upshot is LCSH and catalogers really really hate naming racism.

That itself isn't news, but this is a good look into the severe disservice it does.

(if it's not available, I can help you get it... but I'll be blocking social media for a while)

One Man by Harry Connolly is on sale in (at least) the US Kindle store. "A dark crime thriller in a dark fantasy setting."

I've been a fan of Connolly, but IMNSHO this is best book so far. Strongly recommended.

#OneMan #HarryConnolly #Fantasy #SFF #Books

03/09/20: Badge lanyard in half persian 3 into 1, with byzantine descender and clear plastic badge holder, in red and orange anodized aluminum. Marked down to US$20 including shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos please boost

synth design idea: your outside shell is just a clear plastic casing like on old nintendo stuff like this. all your circuitry is visible underneath

This is pretty amazing. Researchers were able to duplicate keys from the sound they make in the lock.

You can tell is actually about Manhattan because they claim it's New York. If it seemed like all five boroughs were losing cachet, it'd be .

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To free up hard drive space, I moved an old music directory to my current music directory. I forgot that Google Music automatically syncs with the current music directory. I am now constantly smacked by MP3s I downloaded in my early 20s, and I am owned by each and every one.

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Tom Scott made a great video on this topic, visualizing the difference between 1 million and 1 billion, and, it is FULLY captioned

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A corollary of the social model of #disability is that it is a social choice to disable some people. #ableism

In animated series alone, there are some really obscure titles coming out of the archive (of dubious quality). I'm talking Beethoven: The Animated Series. I'm talking Exo Squad. I'm talking Father of the Pride. I'm talking *WING COMMANDER: ACADEMY* for crying out loud.

Finally a streaming service where I can watch both Seaquest: DSV AND Seaquest: 2032

NBC has dug up so much garbage to stick on Peacock. It's almost heartening to see all these one season shows that nobody watched back out there

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