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In case you all haven't seen this yet…this TV news reporter demonstrates perfect wildlife encounter technique:

🔁 There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at Yellowstone NPS today!


This article is sticking in my mind and refuses to leave, I uncover new levels of the absurdity of the human condition each time I reconsider it, this is my L'Etranger, this nameless journalist is my Camus, this is the impetus for my existentialist awakening


Someone translated Dracula into Icelandic and it took over 100 years for anyone to point out he just made a fanfic-rewrite of what he wanted the story to be.


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There's a Chinese electronics brand called "Greatlizard."

What a truly charming outcome of naive translation!

A line of spotted in the wild:

if fields:
fields = [field for field in fields if field]

Today at work I successfully marshaled a survey of our user base and got permission to officially strike my least-favorite anti-feature from the design. I am a very happy right now.

Part of me appreciates #balenaEtcher, but I've been using computers long enough to know that an Electron app for formatting SD cards will someday erase all files on my computer.

@phildini is following the world, not respecting (contrary to its bio) and generally seems SUPER suspect in combination with its URL. Needs to be blocked, possibly domain-blocked.


Don't act like half the fight scenes aren't absolutely contrived either

Just do a string replace for "trial by combat" and insert "trial by dance-off"

The story makes just as much sense


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You know what’s fun, is when the CDC says to keep at least a 2-week supply of prescriptions for emergencies...

...but your insurance won’t let you get a refill until you only have 3 days left

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