@aoife due to a compiler error which made it onto my printing of the cartridge, it stays loaded at all ranges

@ossifog I tend to rank my encounters on a stakes & commitment axis; "scuffles" to "thunderdomes", if you will.

@platypus Always ~fun~ fireworks when the "we'll do it for our own because we're tired of waiting for the corporations to do it" ethos collides with "we'll do it for our own because we're women and That's What Women Are Supposed To Do" in craft spaces.

I'm really excited for the new Xbox and PS5, can't wait to buy them in 2022!

In the meantime I'll be busy playing all the five-dollar-a-pop games from the (now still) current gen.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

us politics, carceral system 

@rigatonimonster @SunSaint I've heard theorists claim it's possible, but I remain skeptical.

@srol I loved how she got the 'on fire' challenge and then just decided it was too wimpy and stacked another, much harder challenge on top of it.

o, what a pitiful shame that we are stuck with Javascript as the lingua franca of the web, all of its many dangerous warts and pitfalls an indelible stain on the platform

now to take a big sip of coffee as I ponder the timeless beauty of the Unix way, with its elegant lingua franca, shell scripts

@alis @Canageek Reading about Australian snakes always makes me so glad to live on a continent where the dominant venomous snakes are literally named for their warn-off signal.

@benhamill @srol The narrator is mimicking a period- & class-appropriate habit of "correcting" loan words from Romance languages to their foreign pronunciation because Latin and its children were Fancy and Intellectual.


We at Corva's Curious Compendium think the most important part of any curse is the omens. So why bother with the rest?

Here's the perfect spell for the spooky season.

@dasyatidprime @fribbledom It's not a link because `[` actually has a tiny bit of unique behavior... It requires `]` as its final argument to provide a fuller illusion of being language syntax.

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