The first time I saw /usr/bin/[ on my system I figured I must have caught some form of a Linux virus.

25 years later and I'm still not sure if coreutils isn't one.

@fribbledom I'm mildly surprised because I just checked, having known the binary exists but having expected `[` to be a symlink to `test`, and it isn't on my Arch machine.


@dasyatidprime @fribbledom It's not a link because `[` actually has a tiny bit of unique behavior... It requires `]` as its final argument to provide a fuller illusion of being language syntax.

@Nentuaby @fribbledom I was aware of that part, but the off-the-top-of-my-head assumption was that it'd be easier to check `argv[0]` rather than building two executables.

Actually all of the coreutils are symlinks to the coreutils binary. I wasn't expecting that. When did coreutils go busybox?

> release 8.23 (2014-07-18)
[ . . . ]‌
> configure accepts the new option --enable-single-binary to build all the
selected programs in a single binary called "coreutils".…
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