climate change, optimistic 

Here's a thought you may find heartening:

I work for a company, Carbon Lighthouse, that addresses by retrofitting commercial buildings to use less energy. For most its existence, CL has had a very clear understanding that investors absolutely NEVER wanted to hear the "C-word." WE track impact in terms like "equivalent to taking X diesel power plants permanently offline" but to THEM we sold it exclusively in terms of utility bills.



climate change, optimistic 

In the last 18 months or so, that's abruptly changed. The big Business-y people actually want to hear about climate impact now. They volunteer questions about their carbon footprint. We can even sometimes sell to customers who are going to see dollar savings they would not invest in.

There's a real sea change happening in attitudes here.

climate change, optimistic 

@Nentuaby and it only took the burning deaths of a billion koalas

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