Since it came up in an earlier tweet, "all y'all" is perfectly grammatically sensible. If you are in a group of seven people, "Y'all are idiots" might mean just three or four of them. "All y'all are idiots" means all seven.

"Y'all" does not literally imply ALL, as in the entirety. It is simply a plural you. And always plural, by the way. Please do not use it in the singular.

@mishellbaker Use of second-person plural as an impersonal address, even to a single person, is a valid usage. I couldn't explain the rules for it until an ep of Lexicon Valley covered it. I asked a person struggling with a wheelchair on a Jersey beach if "y'all need any help there?" and couldn't have said why that was a correct usage but apparently it's a way of being less direct/personal/threatening: speaking as though you are addressing a group and just any member can answer.

@Nentuaby @mishellbaker Exactly! That was the context in which it came up on Lexicon Valley IIRC. He was saying "and people say English doesn't have the T/V distinction BUUUUUT..."

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