Every second HDMI cable in store is being advertised with "High Speed Ethernet Support" on its packaging.

... and yet I have never-ever seen a single device that makes use of that feature. Have you?


@fribbledom Macs totally use it, though they like to pretend it's some later generation of their old Lightning protocol and not just an HDMI cable with a gratuitously incompatible plug.

@drewcassidy @fribbledom Ah, right, thunderbolt, lighting is a different protocol. Thunderbolt's a different protocol from thunderbolt too, tho. :P

There's great deal of chicanery going on with its "generations", some of which are actual Apple specs and some of which are open standards with funny plugs.

@Nentuaby @fribbledom thunderbolt isn't even Apple-specific, its just not many other manufacturers adopted it

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