I just bought my first purse... So excited for it to get here.

(Photos from listing, not mine.)

Barbados will became a republic, removing the British monarch as head of state as of Dec 1 2021:


Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

Y: The Last Man, sexism, The Discourse 

Sometimes I think about how Y: The Last Man made *all but one* of its characters women and still went entire storylines between passing the B-W test.

Apparently they upgraded me to on an experimental *10* gigabit service they're piloting, so my LAN is actually the bottleneck here :blob_dizzy_face: .

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I have literally never seen an internet connection hit exactly what I paid for before. I didn't even REALIZE Fast switches units.

Death, The Discourse 

I legitimately cannot believe that today's main character of Twitter is a famous writer who decided Halloween decorators need to check their "unaffected by death and grief" privilege.

Famously rare phenomena in human existence, you know. 'Memento mori, aut non' and all that.

PSA: If #ADHD strategies and coping methods work for you, please use them without sweating whether you have the diagnosis or not.

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Solution: finish writing the bill and then make Manchin and Sinema go through with a red pen and not let them get up until they’re done deleting actual programs instead of letting them just yell big number get smaller

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This article dives into just how involved Hollywood and the Pentagon. It's not a surprise, but they also get into the specifics. It also explains a LOT about Iron Man!!!


@norikawa it's hilarious how capitalists will use phrases like "low-skilled labor" to explain why jobs that are in extremely high demand still get payed barely anything, and then as soon as there's a worker shortage because the required effort doesn't match the reward, it's suddenly because workers are "lazy" or "ungrateful".

-- my lovely partner, reading their whatever-the-Amazon-ripoff-of-Groupon-is-called emails

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perv humor 

"That's great! That's hilarious! I can't believe they have that on Amazon-- oh. Wait. *Canning* class. Huh. I guess you can see where my mind is."

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BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, parents need to make sure to LOOK at your child’s candy. Some people are giving out what looks like normal candy, but turns out to be Karl Marx's classic critique of capitalism "Das Kaptial", in the original German.

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US Politics 

Notice how US political types literally cannot keep track of whether they're talking about the "working class" or "the middle class" across an entire sentence.

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