Autistic in April 

Autistic in April 

Autistic in April 

A Thread on Being in April and How You Can Help

Awareness makes April a hard month for autistic folks. A lot of autistic folks take a break from social media in April just to avoid it.

This year is worse. Social distancing and shelter-in-place affect us too. We may be more affected because of how difficult change is for us.

A social media breakh this April will be impossible for many of us.

Please read this. Learn how to make this month easier for us.

Trans health shitposting 


It's genuinely insane that from country to country, and now from state to state, every single hotspot says "We should have acted earlier" while every place that hasn't been hit yet says, "But we don't have to act now because it's not a problem here."


In case you all haven't seen this yet…this TV news reporter demonstrates perfect wildlife encounter technique:

🔁 There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at Yellowstone NPS today!


This article is sticking in my mind and refuses to leave, I uncover new levels of the absurdity of the human condition each time I reconsider it, this is my L'Etranger, this nameless journalist is my Camus, this is the impetus for my existentialist awakening


Someone translated Dracula into Icelandic and it took over 100 years for anyone to point out he just made a fanfic-rewrite of what he wanted the story to be.


FOSS, jerks 

There's a Chinese electronics brand called "Greatlizard."

What a truly charming outcome of naive translation!

A line of spotted in the wild:

if fields:
fields = [field for field in fields if field]

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