tech shop talk 

tech shop talk 

The Dishonored sequels are set in the world hardcore class reductionists think we inhabit.

my sister just sent me this meme and that's how you know that despite our differences and past strife, we are truly siblings out to support each other

violent video games 

violent video games 

money (bittersweet) 

transphobia, us pol 

The more I fem up my gender expression, the more deeply I understand "thanks, it has pockets!"

eventually crows get up the nerve to feel comfortable at the five foot mark. then they'll look me in the eyes and go "hey"

i love meeting new crows.

they've heard the stories about me, who leaves peanuts and never harms a crow, and so they swoop down to the ground thinking they know the deal. breadlady gives peanuts when she sees you, right?

and then she SEES YOU and you're a tiny black bird only so much larger than this giant's hand, and its eyes are TRACKING YOU, its TEETH are SHOWING. the crow thinks OH MY GOD, AM I GOING TO DIE

so they back off to about thirteen feet and i toss them a peanut



Protip on interviewing with Google, Amazon, probably other Big Tech companies: They *will* ask you a graph search problem. Just, memorize A* (and its runtime analysis) before you go in.

ESPECIALLY if you think it's not relevant to your specialty.

*THIS* house, you see,

*always* has at least one computer with a built-in handle in operation

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