@ljwrites I've got a question that seems like you might be able to weigh in on, as a poetry translator! So there's this story: reddit.com/r/zen/comments/3f8o

It's got all the hallmarks of apocrypha, but what I'm wondering is whether you have any idea whether it's a culturally authentic silly tale, or just some Beatles Buddhist nonsense.

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Gotta say this every so often so ppl are aware:
@nolan ’s pinafore.social is a pleasant and customizable way to use Mastodon.

doing le epic innovation at the capitalism factory and coming up with 'dodging labour laws' for the 3000th time

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(Actually, it's .0.1, but at four days old that's actually even scarier if anything.)

So OSXI is out. The thought of being a major version behind pains my tech enthusiast soul, but also the thought of installing a .0.0 OS wearies my tech *professional* soul.

Time to see how long this tension holds. 🤨

was dinking around deep space, the game glitched out and the freighter i was on disappeared so i was suddenly in space. i died but not before i got this fantastic shot ahahaha
#nms #nomanssky

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This morning felt like letting out a breath I took in 2016

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