Who wants a dumb fancy Lamborghini car when you could have a stolen golf cart with glow in the dark truck nuts

I am becoming An Apple User entirely against my will.

i wish body positivity was less "this and that type of cis woman can also qualify as fuckable" and more "you are not locked out of any part of the human experience because your body does not meet an arbitrary and ephemeral standard"

I have just launched a website inspired by pronoun.is for Spanish speakers:


I deployed using Hugo, GitHub and Netlify. Quite simple to set up and much easier to edit than plain HTML. I hope people like it ❤️

Here's a kickstarter that is in its last hours from an author whose works I've read before and is here on fedi!

This time, Victoria delivers us:


283 backers. Will it reach 300? :ablobcatrave:

"Non-Player Character: A Cosy Queer Portal Fantasy Novel

A fantasy adventure with all-queer main characters, an autistic protagonist, and a playable TTRPG set in the same world."

birdsite crosspost: request for nonfinancial mutual for a trans POC 

Asheton (@ashetonrenton on birdsite), a Latinx, disabled trans abuse survivor, is starting a public media project about anti-oppression that will probably catch the notice and harassment of white supremacists and the alt-right.

They need a privileged person to volunteer their time (in private correspondence they told me about one hour a day) to help them with their social media presence, for the sake of their own mental health.

As their platform grows, they will be creating a paid team to take this task on. They hope to have this set up by May. For now, this will have to be given in mutual aid, out of solidarity.

This will be an emotionally draining project, and for this reason, Asheton specifically requests a white, preferably cis, person who will not have to interact with the worst of the abuse in a way that directly intersects with their identity.

source: twitter.com/ashetonrenton/stat

ADHD resource authors consider that your reader might be the patient and not the patient's parent challenge 2021.

[bonus level: consider what the patient actually wants, not just what will make them easier for their parents to deal with]

I will not, mind you, be purchasing a new iMac; the idea of a desktop I can't open is anethema to me. But fingers crossed we get a new generation of fruit-flavored macbooks too!

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OOoOoh, the new iMacs come in a color line. The computer industry has been sadly lacking in candy colors since... Well, the original iMacs.

mental health, ~ 

Had to quit on my therapist for being too good.

Turns out "therapeutic distance" is a thing and it's actually really tough to get work done on yourself when your sessions turn into a 45 minute chat with a close friend.

More rage, accessibility, transphobia 


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More rage, accessibility, transphobia 

Oh cool, they like to replace instances where somebody's name was spoken with pronouns. Which would already be shit "eh, good enough for Those People" accessibility if they were using THE RIGHT FUCKING PRONOUNS.

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: Do not engage the services of ai-media.tv. Their quality is below the standard of the best autocaptioning software, let alone any standard of truly accessible human captioning.

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accessibility, rage 

I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this. Weeks of blood sweat and tears from both of us, and we're paying nearly a thousand dollars to a company with a sterling reputation to ruin it for us.

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accessibility, rage 

I'm fucking livid... We're doing a live event right now. We are paying $185/h for live human captions.

They're worse than speech-to-text, and there's no way to change horses mid-stream.

watching a corporation that got big from gamers getting nice deals while supporting charities undo literally all that for More Money would be hilarious if it wasn't so. y'know. wretched.

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humble bundle is apparently making it so you can only give the charity a max 15% cut of your donation instead of 100% of it 😬

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