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I asked a girl if she had a hair tie and she pulled one off her carabiner and now I truly understand what futch means

This is pretty cool: Blizzard is selling old World of Warcraft server blades in a nice little display case, and the money raised goes towards a charity organization that build schools and stuff.

Seriously, you can just be like "I don't like this person" and block them and forget about it. Not everything is the Alamo.

You can just not like someone without having a giant principled reason for it.

Everyone else was finished, I was the last sweaty laborer,

I wanted to give it all the details of life, but my teacher said we had to go in

When we got up to our second floor, classroom I peered out the window

And the scale, my god the scale

My beautiful whale curved gracefully around the top of bus loop, absolutely reigning over all the others

I felt very small

and very



I wanted to draw the whale in blue, but before I’d even drawn from nose to tail, a single line, I ran out of blue.

Soon I ran out of every color, and began to beg pieces from the other students.

It was hot, but I kept at it, soon an outline, then fins, then eyes and a mouth

My rainbow whale came together

I took up my yardstick and a piece of sidewalk chalk and gamely measured out, in three foot increments, the full 98 feet

I couldn’t even see my first mark from my last

When I was in elementary school our teacher told us to pick our favorite ocean mammal

I picked the blue whale, because I had recently learned it was the largest thing that ever lived, and that seemed cool

Then she told us we would be drawing our chosen animals

on the bus loop


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Q: Why should you watch #DuckTales?

A. When one of the main antagonists/perpetual failures, Flintheart Glomgold, stages his big plan for revenge, he meta-textually takes over the show's opening credits to make it "GlomTales."

And then this happens.


Also the specific crypto they're pushing is shady as HELL. The fact that they're launching by giving away a huge amount of the currency means that they have written it so as to give themselves the power to allocate it arbitrarily, and/or simply done a huge amount of pre-mining before they opened it to the public.

That's the*one thing* that even the most diehard crypto moonies, in their frenzy to individual rediscover why each and every financial regulation they bypass exists, regard as fraud.

just came out as a crypto-currency marketing scheme. Moreover, they're trying to spin the fact that they actively hid that their funding was coming from a crypto "non-profit" as a positive, _somehow._

I know they're popular on the fediverse as an identity verification service. If you're using it for that purpose, I urge you to reconsider in light of this.

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Job listing sites should be able to filter on company type, by which I mean you oughta be able to say "yeah don't show me anything from a 'well-funded startup' because I actually need usable health insurance and a life."

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