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Pretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s almost nowhere comfortable to eat outdoors either.

--Matt Ford


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Registration #A27747 - 1948-11-17
Title: The pleasures of smoking, as expressed by those poets, wits and tellers of tales who have drawn their inspiration from the fragrant weed.
Claimants: Henry Schuman, inc.
No renewal record found.

An opalescent sea slug, looking like nothing so much as an MMO endgame shoulder pauldron come to life, searches for food on the sea floor. :weirdfish:

Fascinating concept, and it works: a tiny spacecraft that can dock with satellites that have reached the end of their operational life only through lack of fuel. It brings them from the higher "graveyard" back into geostationary orbit, where they can return to life, their host providing the necessary orbital stability.

And the headline has such aesthetics, too - who doesn't love zombie satellites?

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Don’t state something as fact when you’re actually speculating. “I don’t know” is an honorable thing to say.

Don’t speak as though you know more than you do. “I’d guess that—” is a phrase that builds trust.

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The barricades aren’t going anywhere, but vacant buildings remain vacant even as folks camp on the sidewalk. There seems to be a lot of willingness to collaborate in the air — wandering around for an hour or so, even in the early afternoon, will find you large groups of people chatting about what they can do together.

So the situation on the ground in Capitol Hill is this: The City’s other departments are continuing to provision services as usual, respectful of protestors’ and campers’ wishes. Businesses continue to operate — some large chains are boarded up, but small restaurants are open. Local apartment residents come and go as they please. The only difference over any other part of Seattle: no cars, no cops.

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When I was a student a car ran over my only optical mouse (don't ask). I made this cobbled together mess from the pieces and used it for quite some time afterwards because I couldn't afford a new one at the time

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