Folks for ten entire minutes I kept up the bit that I don't speak a word of French and the puppet is fluent. For ten entire minutes of Grandad looking like he was going to piss himself I kept interrupting this bilingual T-Rex's conversation with a small child so he could catch me up and/or translate my input for the kid. And the kid was young enough to believe us entirely.

Boy: (extremly quiet) je suis français
Dinosaur: vous êtes içi en vacance, ou-
Me: uh mate I can't understand a word you're saying
Dinosaur: (extremely a puppet on the end of my arm whose voice is coming out of my mouth) wot
Me: je nuh... er... juh ne comprond... I don't speak French, what are you two saying
(Grandad is absolutely creasing at this point)
Dinosaur to boy: ...mon humain ne parle pas français, elle ne comprends pas une mot.
Boy: je ne parle anglais...
Dinosaur: je peux traduire

Okay so: I'm in the shop, with the dinosaur puppet on my arm bc it's been that sort of day, and a grandad notices it and taps his grandson on the shoulder and says "[name], look!" Boy approaches the counter and

Dinosaur: can I help you there sir?
Boy: *confused smile*
Dinosaur: can I help you at all?
Grandad: il a dit "je peux vous aider?"
Dinosaur: ohhh, vous parlez français? Oui, j'ai dit je peux vous aider?
Grandad: ah ouais nous sommes français! [name] le dinosaur est français aussi!

Y'all I just gave the best theatrical performance of my ENTIRE LIFE to a whopping TWO PEOPLE I'm thrilled and distraught in equal measure

Aragorn: Mon épée est votre !
Legolas: Et mon arc est votre !
Gimly: Et ma Hache !
Steven: Et Steven !

Some ideas on a space opera-themed Magic setting:

(I'm sure the list of tropes and card names could be expanded tenfold, I'd love more ideas for them!)

climate change, optimistic 

climate change, optimistic 

a little while ago I posted on here and on twitter something along the lines of "When did you first know you were cis" I got a surprising amount of sincere responses from cis friends for what was meant to just be a poke at language about trans people and today a friend came back to me with "Remember when you asked..." So uh... remember to occasionally remind your cis friends to challenge the assumption that they are cis I guess?

Not like directed at specific individuals but like general.

@hummingrain So I didn't notice your avatar had changed, which lead to me wondering why I hadn't seen any posts of yours in a while... Because I was reading a post that reminded me of your style... Because it was yours. 🙈

I am "google 'age calculator' when a survey asks how old I am" years old.

So proud to have edited the Fate Accessibility Toolkit along with Amanda Valentine. A fantastic team of writers all bringing their stories and disability perspectives to the table to make a great gaming supplement.

Very excited to see it nominated for a Nebula for Best Game Writing!

Physical troubleshooting like this uses a lot of the same skills as troubleshooting code: observation (multimeter; log; println); study (code; schematics); and bisection (change part of the system and observe if the symptom changes or stays the same).



Bad: Had "might as well be doing my taxes" insomnia
Good: Taxes are done now

So i just passed a "living in the 31st century" meme in the flesh: a young woman with a whole-ass iPhone X tucked into her hijab so as to make it into a hands-free device.

Have you ever sent a fax?

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cats, absolutely unnecessary horniness, but I repeat myself 

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