Going through my drafts folder, regretfully cleaning out such unfished masterpieces as:

"I'll check"

Outside just now:
*Sound of a diamond saw cutting concrete*
"Hey hey hey HEY!"
*saw stops*

So THAT'S probably fine. 😬


'"The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We're still doing a lot of work on it. It's -- but the pandemic is over," Biden said.'

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The good news is that my main reason for talking to the doctor DID get somewhere after all the unexpected swerves, though! Medicated ADHD here I come.

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Picked up an unexpected bonus diagnosis of CPTSD today. That feels... Weird.

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Man, Odo really is the turd in the punchbowl of DS9.

You keep getting to these beats that seem to be "oh, you loveable curmedgeon you" but I'm just looking at what's actually happening and like... This is just a normal-ass cop somebody left in the sun too long.

it's amazing how often you read some news story which simply doesn't make sense, like the sentences in the news article just don't connect together in a way that can be comprehended, and then you realize its because the story is based entirely on information released by the police

Back in the 90s "what if your car had all the problems your computer has" was a common USENET joke and now we're living it

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Computer audio is so weird. My laptop speakers sound absolutely trash in Linux. The same speakers sound great in Windows.

BUT ALSO, back in Linux, both bluetooth and wired headphones ALSO sound great, so the sound system is doing fine?!?

So TIL that under dim lighting conditions, my monitor shines on its own ambient light sensor and continually responds to itself in a sine-wave pattern.

"Eco" mode off forever, I guess. 🤦

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They are getting COMFY saying the quiet part out loud.

like i Do Not Think that deriding a sincere but misjudged take about ableism is an effective gesture of allyship towards disabled people at all. actually it's just straight-forwardly having a bit of fun at someone else's expense (and the odds are pretty high it's a disabled person).

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about 80% of the time a take gets the collective hooting and hollering internet-wide "can't believe someone said [X] is ableist!!!" treatment, the take was actually more along the lines of "it's instructive to consider how attitudes about [X] are shaped by wider ingrained societal attitudes about non-normative bodies and access needs"; and the other 20% of the time a random teenager had a bad take - which is like, big deal!, that might as well be a tree falling unheard in a forest afaic.

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