video game, half-life: alyx 

i love... mechanical devices. im just a real basic butch i like to see exactly what my contraptions are doing. computers?? devil boxes. dont know whats goin on in there. probably ghosts.


health stuff 

Random weird fact about me: Seeing sharpy doodles on egg cartons induces a full-body cringe, every time.

other highlights included changing "hands" to "feet" and "arms" to "legs." my dad got so angry when he found out about it that he made my sister delete every autocorrect off ms word, including all the preset ones

I'm now receiving word that her name also autocorrected to "poo" so her homework was submitted under that alias

when we were young and we all used the family computer my sisters used to piss about with autocorrect on ms word and one of them made "bee" correct to "big beefy bumbly rumbler" and the other submitted homework with that on it without realising

Autistic in April 

Autistic in April 

Autistic in April 

A Thread on Being in April and How You Can Help

Awareness makes April a hard month for autistic folks. A lot of autistic folks take a break from social media in April just to avoid it.

This year is worse. Social distancing and shelter-in-place affect us too. We may be more affected because of how difficult change is for us.

A social media breakh this April will be impossible for many of us.

Please read this. Learn how to make this month easier for us.

Trans health shitposting 


It's genuinely insane that from country to country, and now from state to state, every single hotspot says "We should have acted earlier" while every place that hasn't been hit yet says, "But we don't have to act now because it's not a problem here."


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