Which is, y'know. Racist. There's no excuse for this anymore. The entire industry spent two decades pulling its hair out to make Unicode happen, but that work is done now. There's no modern language without Unicode support.

Stand on the shoulders of giants already. And throw some damn emojos in your test cases. ⚠️

Emoji are just characters. In technical terms they're ordinary text that fonts happen to render as a little picture. That means this is a silly, trivial way for anglocentric coders to discover a bug that also prevents you from, for instance, ever writing a commit in Chinese.

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We need an extension that turns every "Millennials Are Killing ____" headline into "Student Loans Are Killing ____" and maybe then folks will support taking them out.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LeeFlower/status/1

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for those in the Bay Area who wish to choose their own bra adventure, i went to the SF branch of Revelation in Fit https://www.revelationinfit.com/

super friendly staff of bra nerds, really cute selection (if not as big as their Oakland HQ: sounds like they have a few more sizes in stock out there), trans friendly :trans_heart:, my fitter always asked before touching or adjusting anything

Everyone with a marble bust avi who complains about defending "Western European culture" has never listened to classical music that isn't on a Baby Einstein CD

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if you burp and fart at the same time your body takes a screenshot

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Getting real sick of how many people in this country only use the concepts of Islamophobia and Antisemitism to further each other.

It's April 2019. The kids suddenly volunteer to wear the Halloween costumes they violently hated in October.

I got the job!

I'm going to be working at Carbon Lighthouse, a company with a mission to reduce the energy impact of commercial real-estate developments.

(And a pretty solid business model for doing well while doing good, which doesn't feature the word "disrupt" even once. That's a *really* nice change in the SFBA startup scene.)

I made a fun little toy. It's a explorer, written in pure . You just click to zoom in on a spot of interest; shift click to zoom out. (give it a few seconds to load.)



It's a little primitive as fractal explorers go-- but the wonder, as they say, isn't that the bear dances *well*...

A look at Laika’s next feature, Missing Link:


“His “elevator pitch” to LAIKA studio head Travis Knight for Link was “imagine David Lean directing Around the World in Eighty Days starring Laurel and Hardy.””

"very much written for me the internet goblin linguistics nerd"
-Review of BECAUSE INTERNET by Anassa Rhenisch
t.co/7nKbrgksx7 #linguistics

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