people! I do more "fixing my clothes" than "art", but regardless, my sewing machine is not working and any help would be appreciated. Details in thread.

Specifically: After a variable number of stitches, it stops (motor seems to be straining). This occurs on both hand and electric power. If I hand-turn it backward from there it doesn't stick, but if I electric backward it stays stuck. Looking at the bobbin at time of sticking, there's a few threads back and forth over the top of the spool.

Bobbin loads into the machine with the hole facing vertically. Bobbin is not empty. Needle is not bent, I tried a new needle. Problem occurs on both straight and zigzag stitches.

With the bobbin removed and the needle not threaded, everything runs smoothly. The machine is not being unusually noisy, so I don't think it needs oiling. The bobbin is perhaps running a little low on thread by radius, but I'd eyeball it as still having at least a few feet (if not yards) in there.


@qwertystop You've exceeded my mechanical knowledge. When my sewing machine malfunctions to that extent, I send it off for a cleaning and tune-up.

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@Momerath so after a while of ignoring the problem and just not doing the fixing that needed doing, I rethreaded it again and it worked.

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