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COVID-19, music, YouTube 

Do you need some gallows humor to get you through the week? Check out my COVID-19 playlist, a curated mix of parodies and music. Inspired by "It's the End of the World as we Know it (and I Feel Fine)".

Seeking suggestions for tracks to add.

Territory | Sylvia Odhner on Patreon

Comic about someone who isn't interested in dating.

Native/settler relations in Ohio 

Sorry, should have put a CW. I'm glad that the native coalition is a partner in this project.

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In cooperation with the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition, my alma mater says:

"The Native Medicinal Apothecary Garden is located between Pennell House and Weston Hall on the Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It serves to encourage recognition of the Indigenous origins of this land and its historic relationship with the Shawnee people who were forcibly removed from Ohio just two decades before Horace Mann, Antioch’s founding president, arrived on the scene."

Ukraine, ways to support nonviolent resistance 

This article gives a lot to think about:

5 ways to support courageous nonviolent resistance in Ukraine - Waging Nonviolence | Waging Nonviolence

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covid (+) 

My father is feeling better after taking it easy for 2 days. Not well yet, but less fatigue than Friday, the day he got sick.

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The look of wonder when you tell someone new that this is a library, so, no, we aren't going to charge money for the help we just gave them and/or the items they are about to borrow.

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Another thing at the California Science Center in LA, that I didn't know going in: they have the Space Shuttle Endeavor! Just, like, hanging out in a shed out back!

It's... big. I realize I've been on larger airplanes, but, like, I was not prepared for how this spacefarer looms.


My father, with whom I live, tested positive for Covid yesterday. He's fully vaccinated including a booster, same as the rest of us in the household.

Moderate cold-like symptoms, sore muscles, fatigue; I'm not too concerned.

As I have post-nasal drip and haven't been getting enough sleep, I tested myself as well and tested negative. Our state's department of health recommends I test again on day 5 (Tuesday) and that I wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days, needn't quarantine.

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#2598 Graphic Designers 

They might make it past that first line of defense. For the second, you'll need some picture frames, a level, and a protractor that can do increments of less than a degree.

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#2586 Greek Letters 

If you ever see someone using a capital xi in an equation, just observe them quietly to learn as much as you can before they return to their home planet.

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Tweeted. No content guarantees. 

I would like to call on my own employer to stop doing business in states that put bounties on trans kids and those who help them survive learning who they are. We should not have offices there, nor pay taxes to support this genocidal policy.
RT @ErinInTheMorn
Greg Abbot has officially directed Family and Protective Services to begin investigating all trans children in Texas and prosecuting their parents as child abusers.

He has …

ikea, Romania, clearcutting/deforestation 

An article in the New Republic about bad forestry practices in Romania, especially by Ikea: (paywall, 3 free articles per month)

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I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. - Anna Quindlen

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#2583 Chorded Keyboard 

And even though it all went wrong / I'll stand before the lord of song / with nothing on my tongue but 'I don't understand, I swear I backed up my keyboard config before messing with it'

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The farmer was proud of his farm, his flock and his offspring.

The eldest had the greenest thumb, the middle could find lost livestock no matter how far it wandered and the youngest could charm the best bargain out of any merchant.

He was tempted to forbid them from marrying, but he guiltily recalled how their mother had fled back to her mystical glen the first chance she got.

He let them go when they wished it... and they visited often.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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#2567 Language Development 

The worst is the Terrible Twos, when they're always throwing things and shrieking, "forsooth, to bed thou shalt not take me, cur!"

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The National Centre for Transgender Equality's staff have just unionised.

Congratulations to them on their successful unionisation drive.

And side eye to the management for whatever precipitated this.

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Recommendations welcome!

If I were to start studying #Indonesian from zero, what resources would you recommend?

(I'm not into gamified apps, and especially duolingo is a no-no for me.)

@irina Are you the person who was planning a Lord Peter Wimsey/Young Wizards fanfic? Is it published yet if so?

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