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I'm going to include a pencil and paper address book in my emergency preparedness kit.

If you are willing for me to have any of your contact information in my address book, please let me know.

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Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. - Mary Oliver

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Sending letters takes a long time and sometimes the intrepid arcanist needs something a little speedier.

Enter this spell from Corva's Curious Compendium, which will get your message across lickety-split.

Well ... more or less ...

uspol, linked URL includes the F word 


... I think that might be a
personal record for # of favorites on one toot. :')

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Today, I was trying to find (using commercial search engines) information about a topic. Maybe 9 out of 10 or more "relevant" results was about purchasing items related to the topic. Not ads placed in the result page, no, the actual results.

I remember how, when I was younger, I used to marvel at all the information out there on the web. How it was like a giant library.

I scarcely recognize the place now. If you want to search information about a topic you don't go into a mall. But that's what it feels like I'm forced to do.

I remember going to the library and pulling out drawers of index cards to locate the relevant non-fiction shelves with good content on topics I wanted to learn about. Imagine if those index cards had been mixed with cards with advertisements on them. Increasingly diluting the content with junk. That is the web of today.

At the dentist today I was surprised to hear an instrumental version of "Zombie", by the Cranberries. The dental hygienist confirmed it and said the music playlist also includes instrumental versions of songs by Nirvana and Metallica. And "some Christmas song" which I correctly guessed was Greensleeves.

Makes me feel old.

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Love, Love, Peace, Peace - Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede create the perfect Eurovision Performance - I just learned about this song this year. My kid, who informs me meta is overdone, would no doubt find this over the top!

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Interpersonal relationship advice 

Well, my physical copy of the WorldCon program arrived today. I put the timing down to the US Postal Service, who are operating under severe challenges.

I also note that "neither snow nor rain..." et cetera doesn't mention disease as a surmountable obstacle.

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Do you need a reusable mask or two and can't afford one?

@Timothy has been getting pretty good at making them, and we just got some new fabric this week.

If you want one, DM to setup shipping for free. If you do have money to spare, we're suggesting donations to our local LGBTQ+ Youth Center.

Stop motion Playdough surgery 

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TL;DR: Capitalism sucks, burn it down and scatter the ashes.

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Parenting and Stereotypes (ranty) 

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NASA 2019: here's a fun little papercraft model of a space telescope you can print, cut, and fold!
NASA 2020: fuck it, we exported all the subassemblies of our new rover as STLs, have fun spending the next six months of quarantine building your own robot

If you comment on the story I just boosted... well if there are at least 5 comments, @aldersprig will write more of it (at least if it's one of the first 2 stories from this prompt call with 5 substantive comments).

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Seek And…?

If you have no tech-a-nie,
-Then seeking you must go.
And if you can na' seeking,
then Sla Bless You.

It's -

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