I've changed my profile pic here to a commissioned piece from @VictoriaLeeder to help me keep this instance distinct from .social. We'll see if it works!

@MichaelRUnderwood @VictoriaLeeder This is one of your other selves, isn't it? Is this 1133198-A or 9132-Q-ZA.41?

@shaunduke @VictoriaLeeder You're the interdimensional detective, why don't you find out for yourself? :)

@MichaelRUnderwood @VictoriaLeeder Sometimes it's just easier to ask, and I've been trying to uncover your secrets for 23 years, man. Sometimes a guy deserves a break.

@MichaelRUnderwood That’s a good idea with the different profile pics. I’m the same across instances and that might wind up being confusing. Opposite experiment!

@MichaelRUnderwood I can see why you would want to have two instances. I have a social instance, and I need to get on wandering shop, too. Not quite sure how.

@JulietteWade @MichaelRUnderwood You actually just head over to the website and sign up. Same basic procedure as regular Mastodon. Separate account, though. It adds that to the end.

@JulietteWade @MichaelRUnderwood Still trying to figure out the "instances" thing - part of why I hesitated to jump; it's not clear WHERE things go best...

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