On the topic of rebuilding of Notre-Dame: one of my favourite quotes from The Bishop’s Wife (discussing the construction of a cathedral): “These are lean years for the world.
So many people need food.
So many people need shelter.
That big roof could make so many little roofs.”

I need to come back here. Birdsite is once again a pimple on my brain.


I guess I don’t really open up to anyone who doesn’t have 4 feet and fur 😂

Had an oddly personal dinner with a work peer tonight. It’s not easy for me to open up to work folks - my urge to compartmentalize is pretty strong.

Twinkle twinkle, legs of stone
In the desert all alone
Words carved on that plinth right there
"Look on my works and ye despair."
Twinkle twinkle, King of Kings
Naught remains but lifeless things.

An Old Trans Using The Labels Of Her Day 

Hot take: nostalgia is a disease that robs us of our present and our future



second base 

Spider-Man is disappointing. My old office and my old apartment and my favorite dive bar don’t exist and that was 90% the reason I wanted to play at all.

Horrid day at work, blood tests taking 5 vials, after hours production issue.. I could really use a hug. I’m so beat :(

When you stray from the garden path in vi and have to throw your computer in the trash

Just did compulsory Myers Briggs testing for work. I cannot /waIt/ for the training this is associated with

I love autumn but those first few weeks after it hits are an assault on my good mental health (such as it is)

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