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I'm also very relieved that my coworker is sending me updates when she goes to feed and give insulin to my cat.

I'm on my first official work trip! Working the Press's booth at a big academic conference. It's very different being on the exhibitor's side, not the academic side.

My resolution last year was to eat more broccoli pasta (one of my favorite dishes). I think I did an okay job, but I also think that I can do better this year. My other resolution this year is to actually eat all the frozen pesto that I made over the summer. Ideally before basil starts coming back into season in late May.

Happy Gregorian new year! (One of the three new years I regularly celebrate.) I took a shower and went to bed early, so that I started the new decade clean and well-rested. A boring way to celebrate, maybe, but I don't like parties that much and I was very tired.

Anyone want a ring? My estranged mother gave it to me, and for various reasons it was easiest to just accept it. I don't want to keep it, but I also don't like things going to waste. So if anyone here wants a ring, let me know and I'll mail it to you. First person to ask for it can have it. I'll even pay postage!

People in publishing love books. I know that seems obvious, but you don't understand the degree.

After spending every day working on books, we decided that a fun social activity would be a Press book club. And it was!

And then today the editor-in-chief gave us holiday gift cards. I was expecting Starbucks, but of course it was actually for the local book store. Because everyone here loves books! (I already know what I'm buying with my card.)

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Welp, RIP my ability to sing Requiems or other religious music...

In retrospect, it's kind of my own fault that I ended up dusted with glitter. I'm the one who decided to show up for the library's Queer Crafts Night, after all. I should have foreseen this result.

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My wife drew this comic, about trying to find hope in the face of the climate apocalypse.

The depressed guy with glasses is me.

#comics #MakingComics #mastoArt

My friend Xiyue, who has been imprisoned in Iran for three years on false charges of spying, was just released this weekend! I'm so happy!

Update: I've received several compliments on my Very Professional Slippers, and the head of Manuscript Editorial said that they "inspire admiration and envy." I do like my workplace.

I've started wearing slippers at work all day. It's cold in my office! And my workplace takes a very liberal approach to "business casual"

Some things I have printed out for my job over the past month:
-Autobiographical comic about birds
-A graph about avocado consumption using little drawings of avocados as data points
-Star Wars and Hamilton meme
-Military maps
-A surprising amount of pornography

I have an interesting job!

Should I be worried that they're seems to be a dozen vultures circling various spots in downtown Ithaca?

My friend Isaac says that this paper mache head looks like @nindokag

Normally I go through a pair of shoes about every 12 months (Converse are not the most durable, but they're affordable and work well with my sensory issues). But I've been doing a LOT of walking and hiking lately, so I had to get new ones early. I wore right through the soles!

Unanticipated perk of my job: there's a professor who keeps emailing me pictures of swords.

A friend asked for pictures of Aurora, and also for her height. I tried to combine the two and ended up taking mugshots of my cat

If there's a Fourth Dam, please don't tell me about it, I will have to try and find it and I will probably die.

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