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"women and enbies" just say "people eligible to slay the witch-king of angmar"

@nindokag I have successfully registered, but currently the instance appears to be blank. Not sure if that's me or if you're still working on it.

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@InvaderXan something like, "postdocs at it again! it's this time of the year, folks! the funding lights went off and they're on prowl in the academic limbos! so, research facilities, a word of warning: ya better prepare the lights! or who knows what may come out of their musings" ya know? :p
(actually i'm gonna tag this as #weirdfiction #flashfiction #tootfic
#pouetfic just because^^")

@nindokag hey, it's my old neighborhood! Being very much like itself.

@nindokag my neighbor has had surprisingly good luck with rubber snakes.

There are times in my life where I have to stop and consider all of the choices that led me to this moment, and wonder if perhaps I could have made other, better, choices.

Today I found myself having to explain to my very sweet not-at-all online editor what a/b/o was. For legit work reasons.

@nindokag my first check for anything, woo or not, is "does this confirm my beliefs about a group and/or tell me something about myself that I want to believe is true?" Because if yes, then I know I should be skeptical. And sometimes it is actually accurate information, which is fine. And sometimes it's not actually important enough to bother verifying, in which case if I want to retell it, I try to frame it as "This is probably apocryphal, but it's a funny story..." or similar.

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Had a job interview yesterday (just first-round). I think I did okay, though there was that moment about 45 minutes after the interview ended where I was convinced that I did a terrible job and everything was awful. Good thing I'm working from home and could just stick my face in my cat and quietly panic.

@nindokag oh yeah, I'm totally willing to believe that your average tech job could be done as telework, though you'd still have to deal with infrastructure issues unless everyone's living in places with good internet. And I think that in general, employers should be more open to wfh as a reasonable accommodation for disabled employees, and should offer more flex time and wfh options for everyone.

I met a tiny snake on the trail today! And it held still long enough for me to take a picture!

@nindokag I'm in favor of having more telecommuting options in general! I just don't think it's as simple a transition as it looks.

@nindokag I don't think my job is necessarily representative of most work, but at the same time, not everywhere has South Bay internet infrastructure and a lot of jobs do have a physical component. And as much as I love that we've all gone over to slack and zoom, it's taking a psychological toll on my coworkers who need things like eye contact.

@nindokag plus sometimes I need to print things. Some scholars won't accept peer review manuscripts on screens (should they? Maybe, but 500 pages of academic prose on a screen is a lot of eye strain). And right now I can't print mailing labels, so we can't send authors their advance proofs.

@nindokag ehhhh, I'm not sure. I think this is a very Bay Area tech job view. Working at the office is faster and more efficient for me--sometimes I need to be able to look at someone's screen (and her rural home internet isn't fast enough for screensharing) or we need to look at the same book and mark it up together. And sometimes I need to check the physical copy of a previous edition to see how they did a certain thing.

@nindokag I did zoom seders this year too. It was pretty different, but I'm glad I did.

Incidentally, the seder as we know it is probably a little less than 2000 years old. And it's really cool to see how different traditions get incorporated over the years, from medieval additions to Holocaust remembrance to finger puppets for the ten plagues. I like to think that in 500 years some of the silly English songs will have gained ritual importance too.

I'm not a fan of working from home, because it's hard to focus, but it is nice that when I have cramps, I can go lie down for a few minutes with a heating pad and the cat.

@nindokag that was amazing!

I'd let my erhu practice lapse since moving here, and now I'm worried that if I try and do erhu practice during the quarantine my housemates will murder me, but after seeing that I kinda want to go back to it anyway.

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watch these two legends absolutely shredding on the arhu and pipa. I'm surprised their instruments don't literally catch fire!

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