My attempt to be friendly to Worst Housemate's husband ended in such a disaster of social awkwardness that I am never again leaving my room without headphones

(Worst Housemate earned the title by sneaking into my room and harassing my cat and then denying it, then holding an extended self-criticism session in my room, while still harassing my cat, who was hiding under the bed. And she's been snotty towards me ever since)

@Karishi the whole thing is awful, yes. Our most recent interaction was so disastrously awkward that it became somewhat funny.

@Karishi She once got mad at me for not seeming to like her husband, so this time I tried to be friendly to her husband by speaking Mandarin (bc she said he speaks it) but I spoke too quickly and complexly for him, and his response came off as patronizing (later I realized he was probably just trying to keep up). And then she got weirdly jealous and clingy on him bc we were talking, and that was when I gave up and put my large headphones back on

@Kitts I really feel your "so disastrously awful that it became somewhat funny" vibe. I found myself saying, "Oof, yikes, haha, jeez" All At Once, like its own special emoji-phrase, reading this.
😮 😱 😅 😬 or something.

@Karishi yeah, it was really something. At least I can see the humor in it!

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