Should I be worried that they're seems to be a dozen vultures circling various spots in downtown Ithaca?

Normally I go through a pair of shoes about every 12 months (Converse are not the most durable, but they're affordable and work well with my sensory issues). But I've been doing a LOT of walking and hiking lately, so I had to get new ones early. I wore right through the soles!

Unanticipated perk of my job: there's a professor who keeps emailing me pictures of swords.

A friend asked for pictures of Aurora, and also for her height. I tried to combine the two and ended up taking mugshots of my cat

If there's a Fourth Dam, please don't tell me about it, I will have to try and find it and I will probably die.

Today I discovered that there is in fact a secret Third Dam. It is exceedingly beautiful, but the hike is long, muddy, and genuinely dangerous in places. I don't recommend it unless you're a much more experienced hiker than I am. Also it's technically trespassing.

It also has a place called Second Dam, which might even be prettier. You have to hike to it, but it's a pretty gentle hike, except at the end.

Ithaca has a place called First Dam, which is a very pretty waterfall next to a crumbling building. It's easy to reach, right by the road.

The departmental picnic has been relocated due to a "plethora of bees," and something about that wording is just delightful to me.

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Hey are there people in the #Ithaca, NY area here on the Fediverse?

Today I saw a doe nursing twin fawns in the creek, and then I saw a leucistic skunk run under the front house. A good day for wildlife!

My ex-boyfriend has recently taken up wizarding, and now people mail him odd trinkets. One of the things he received last week was a cursed ring, which I suggested he mail to my physicist friend in Switzerland. She has broken several curses for me (mostly involving cabbage). Apparently the ring arrived today, and she's testing it out.

This is not a , I just have interesting friends.

Send them over to Sage House!

Also, tell your cats to step up their mousing game! (Unless that was the cause of the disturbance)

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So i was hanging out by the fire pit in my mom’s backyard, and her friend said something about it being a "ring of fire", and then we started singing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, and then i looked up the song and found out it only has 3 chords, so then this happened:

Ring of Fire accordion cover


Got up early so that I could walk along Cascadilla Gorge before work and it was very much worth it.

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