I'm not a fan of working from home, because it's hard to focus, but it is nice that when I have cramps, I can go lie down for a few minutes with a heating pad and the cat.

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watch these two legends absolutely shredding on the arhu and pipa. I'm surprised their instruments don't literally catch fire!

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In these times of social distancing, I'm trying to listen to more new music. Please tell me your favorite song and a reason you like it!

First day of working from home! At least I have my assistant on the job with me.

My Worst Housemate and her friend are singing along to Let it Go, and I still don't like her and I wish she wasn't so loud, but that is still genuinely charming

But the best thing is that I finally got to use my snowshoes! Took a two-hour walk in the woods this afternoon, and came home tired but happy.

It's extremely snowy here today! For some reason Cornell didn't shut down until noon, and I live only a ten-minute walk away from work, so I went in like normal. But I was the first one there and only four others showed up.

Now that I am detangled, Cat has returned to sitting on me.

I'm almost never capable of napping, but today I was very tired, the cat was sleeping on my stomach, and I was listening to rain noise to block out the horrible high-pitched tone coming from next door. Which is how I woke up extremely tangled in headphone cord.

(Worst Housemate earned the title by sneaking into my room and harassing my cat and then denying it, then holding an extended self-criticism session in my room, while still harassing my cat, who was hiding under the bed. And she's been snotty towards me ever since)

My attempt to be friendly to Worst Housemate's husband ended in such a disaster of social awkwardness that I am never again leaving my room without headphones

I have spent so much of my time in certain kinds of online spaces (like Mastodon!), and sometimes it's really striking how different my cultural context is from many of my coworkers. For example, yesterday I had to explain to one of my editors that there are some people who are just really into swords.

In happier news, I got home from the conference to see that my friends had mailed me the most amazing possible Jewish cat lady equivalent of a tacky Christmas sweater. I clearly have to wear this to next year's latke party.

So it turns out that I like conferences better when I'm an exhibitor (vs as an academic), but they're also exhausting. I had to be ON from 8-6 for three days straight, plus Monday morning. I'm still not entirely recovered.

I'm also very relieved that my coworker is sending me updates when she goes to feed and give insulin to my cat.

I'm on my first official work trip! Working the Press's booth at a big academic conference. It's very different being on the exhibitor's side, not the academic side.

My resolution last year was to eat more broccoli pasta (one of my favorite dishes). I think I did an okay job, but I also think that I can do better this year. My other resolution this year is to actually eat all the frozen pesto that I made over the summer. Ideally before basil starts coming back into season in late May.

Happy Gregorian new year! (One of the three new years I regularly celebrate.) I took a shower and went to bed early, so that I started the new decade clean and well-rested. A boring way to celebrate, maybe, but I don't like parties that much and I was very tired.

Anyone want a ring? My estranged mother gave it to me, and for various reasons it was easiest to just accept it. I don't want to keep it, but I also don't like things going to waste. So if anyone here wants a ring, let me know and I'll mail it to you. First person to ask for it can have it. I'll even pay postage!

People in publishing love books. I know that seems obvious, but you don't understand the degree.

After spending every day working on books, we decided that a fun social activity would be a Press book club. And it was!

And then today the editor-in-chief gave us holiday gift cards. I was expecting Starbucks, but of course it was actually for the local book store. Because everyone here loves books! (I already know what I'm buying with my card.)

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