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also: did you know that the idea that humans have a poor sense of smell (compared to e.g. dogs and rodents) is a 19th century myth derived partly from religious politics of the Catholic Church in France
yes seriously

If you are in/near NYC and an aspiring playwright, this class is relevant to your interests:

My brain has decided it wants to write a book. My body is not sure it's on board with this plan.

I have had a hard day so here is Myka the 5 month old Jack Russel (yes, long-haired/rough coat) chewing on an ostrich bone from inside her toy box.

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Yesterday, for I think the first time, I heard someone who said that they had a loud voice but they would use the microphone anyway. It was amazing.

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For the fediverse: anyone know of any good themed instances I could join? I’ve kicked the blue bird off my phone but I miss following the UX world on there

Two rejections today, which means it’s time to start editing again

Looking for tips for writing while also house training a puppy. I’m exhausted

Words words words... all the words are done for the night, so now it’s video game time

that sinking feeling when you realize exactly how hosed a story is, plot-wise

don't look now, but my inbox is finally sorted, my husband is snoring, and i actually have time to write

omg it is monday and i'm writing -- i might actually get something submitted to Strange Horizons

shhhh don't tell anyone but i'm trying to get some writing done for a change.

oof, i think i literally edited the humanity off this poor story.

Started a new story this morning. So far I have a four-bullet outline, two sentences, and a fully reoptimized web server

Thinking a lot about the parallels between patreon’s old/new fees and the differences between mutual funds and stocks.

Also prepping to Christmas shop for 6-8 hours so that’s a thing.

Got a little more book editing done last night. Need to write about that too.

Put the book I'm writing down for almost a whole week now due to Life. Time to pick it back up I guess.

The whole house is exhausted from too much stuff the last 2 weeks. But if the christmas lights don't go up today, they don't go up -- the weather turns to the worse on Tuesday. And we're pretty much the only ones on the block without them.

Can't help that a little piece of me is resenting the lights eat into my writing time

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