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Me: I'm going to look at TV Tropes to see if they've already described Dracula (the novel) as the original "found footage" horror.

Three hours later....

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@KelsonV To these people, I say: Dream is the master of stories. Why would there be only one way to tell his story?

The rest of the socio-political aspects, though? The LGBTQ characters? The writer who claims to be feminist while assaulting a woman he keeps locked up in his house? The Corinthian inspiring a century of the worst of humanity and tying it to the dark side of the American Dream?

It's all there in the source material. It just would've been harder to put it on TV back in 1989.

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Finally caught up on !

I'm pretty sure that anyone who considers this TV adaptation to be "too woke" either wouldn't have liked the original comics to begin with, or is hung up on characters being played by Black actors, which makes you wonder why they'd choose that hill to die on...

I mean, Death is perfect. Rose is perfect. Unity's great. Hector is frankly a better version of the character anyway. Lucienne looks the most different, but her performance is spot-on as Lucien.

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Had to move outside because the AC is up too high 🤯

At least I know the ventilation in there is good.

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@ray I’m once again reminded of Robin Rendle’s fantastic article, “Take Care of Your Blog”:

I feel like for those of us that enjoy following blogs as opposed to mainstream social media like Facebook and Twitter, it’s achieving a renaissance.

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Just saw a post saying blogging is dying. It’s not in its hey-day but it’s far from dead. These posts do disservice to the small web by discouraging others from blogging or seeking blogs. They’re out there, just harder to find cuz of the crud Google prioritizes. Blog on!
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You say you want an Eveelution
Well you know
We all want a Jolteon

That nagging feeling that there's something you forgot you were supposed to do that keeps you too distracted from doing the other thing you're supposed to be doing

The kid needs the bed from Wallace & Gromit, the one that tilts upward so he slides down off the bed into his clothes and lands in a chair at the dining table where breakfast is ready.

Heck, some mornings I could use that too.

"Cortana, tell Alexa I'm not speaking to Siri."

And Bixby answers you.

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Asymmetric cooperative multiplayer is such a poorly explored game mechanic, with such possibilities. You want to play with your girlfriend, but you like first person shooters, and she like real time strategy? No problem, have them play as your support, controlling the robots that help you and dropping supplies for you. Your four year old child wants to play with you, but the game is way too hard for them? No problem, have them control your pet, which can't die, but can follow and help.

Apparently I *am* installing the CLI tools over my phone's hotspot, though.

It couldn't have noticed the previous version was on there and just take care of it initially?

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Overheard at pharmacy: "Do you give out the latest COVID-19, uh, omicron?"

Gee, I hope not...

(Yeah, i know what he meant, and so did the pharmacist.)

And popular diets are STILL mostly about cutting out one type of food (low fat! Low carb!) or focusing on one type of food (all protein, all the time!)

They just keep cycling through which type is demonized and which type is deified.

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Waiting area is next to the keto shelf. Having grown up in the all-fat-is-horrible-for-you 1980s, it's weird to see diet foods from SlimFast literally called "Fat Bomb"

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