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I mean... I get it. There's a lot of shitty stuff in the world. You need to vent sometimes. Everyone does.

But if all you ever do is talk about things which make you angry or depressed, and fill all the gaps with inane shitposts? Think about what you're doing to your mental health.

You don't want to be the kind of person whose head is always full of things you hate. Remember to keep some space in there for the good things too.

Working directly on the laptop keyboard, which I'm not used to. I keep mistyping things like "brew kink node"

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The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Programming Languages Bundle by O'Reilly!

Learn all about programming languages with $720 worth of DRM-free e-books, including 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know, Learning SQL, Learning Java, and more.

#books #ebooks #drmfree #programming #bundle

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Reminder to self (and anyone who might benefit from it:
Tidying or cleaning is not an all-or-nothing thing.
If your home is a disaster and far too much to tidy up in one go, that's OK, you don't have to do it in one go.
You can make more progresss than you expect in 20 minutes of concentrated work. Or 10 minutes. Or 5 minutes.
Even if you do just one thing, like collect a handful of things that belong in the trash and put it there, you will have improved things.

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uspol, Star Wars 

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Sometimes I ask myself, ‘what would Heisenberg do?’ Then I realise I’m not certain.

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i have this horrible image of neuralinks used to pipe ads directly in, and demographic info directly out, of your head

on the other hand i also see them being hacked to run peer-to-peer social networking systems as a telepathy network

so that's cool

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The outside of the former Great Maple restaurant at Del Amo Fashion Center. It opened with the new upscale wing of the mall, and closed suddenly about a year later. (Like, people showed up to work and the door was locked.) Nothing’s moved in since then, and of course nothing’s likely to move in for a while now.

The facade reminds me a little of the facade on the old medical building that used to stand near the corner. It was demolished for the parking lot that came along with the mall expansion. And I have to wonder if someone was actually trying to keep a little bit of the old building’s character alive?

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It's not a contest. Someone else being in pain does not mean that you are not allowed to be in pain.

Goes the other way, too: even if stuff is minor, you are allowed to be happy.

There, you have permission, go out and use it wisely.

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Asking friends how they're doing right now, because stuff is hard, and seeing a bunch of people go, "well, I'm not doing well but I guess I can't complain" because elsewhere in the thread there's someone who's parent died recently, someone who had surgery, etc, and it's like:

it's not a contest.

No one is going to look at your troubles and go, "that's not enough, you're not ALLOWED to be sad."

All I can do is reassure people that their feelings are valid, so:


( For the record, it was a Flickr photo with a long description.)

I don't always write long posts on my phone. But when I do, the upload fails silently.


You know the scene in The Iron Giant where the kid has had a cup of espresso ("It's like Coffee-zilla") and is zooming around and talking a mile a minute and blurts out, "gotanymorecoffee?"

That's been my morning. Only the kid hasn't had any coffee.

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I mean, I’m familiar with SCSI buses, but a SCSI truck is new to me. Do they have greater capacity?

(spotted on a walk yesterday)

Google: Your site has new coverage issues! Top warnings include:

"Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt"

Um...yeah. That's because I don't want those URLs indexed. The fact that they are isn't *my* problem, it's *yours*.

In other news, 9YO used up all his coping skills for the day at the dentist this morning. It's been fuuuun....

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